Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Little Things

It is so easy to get in ruts. Do you know what I mean?? Some days, I get in funky moods and funky moods sometimes lead to negativity. On those days I focus on the negative- like why is it so gloomy outside, I miss home, my hair doesn't look good, and blah, blah, blah. We all have those days, those moments. And it is ok, it happens. But we can turn those bad moments, those bad days around. I have mentioned before an amazing book I read, titled One Thousand Gifts. It challenges you- A dare to LIVE FULLY right where you are. Such powerful words and so many more come from this book, all words from her were inspired by the living word- the bible. It goes on to challenge you to start a list- a list of 1000 things you are grateful for! It is so neat. On my bad days, during my negative moments, I have to remind myself of all the blessings and good in my life. And add it to the list!

Of course, daily I am so, so thankful for my loving husband, my wonderful family and  friends. And daily I am thankful for a roof over my head, a warm home and a full belly. But today I want to share a few of the "little" things, the more random things that I add to my list. The little things that bring a smile to my face...

This devotional. Man, God is speaking to me through this gem. It is challenging me in great ways. 

Fresh flowers. I mean look at that beauty. Especially when they are from the husband. 

Bubble Baths. This may seem silly to some, but for me it is such a great way to relax, regroup and think.

Birds Chirping. I admit sometimes I find this sound annoying, especially when it wakes me up. But most of the time I am able to find the beautiful sound that it is. The sound to me represents a beautiful day outside, a beautiful day ahead. For me, it brings such good feelings.

Laughter. Especially that laughing so hard your stomach hurts laugh. It is the best!

The glow of a candle. I love the warmth and feeling it brings to a room. And the amazing smells! 

This verse and God's unconditional love. He loves at all times, it is an amazing love that is unfathomable. There is nothing better.

Those are a few "little" things I am grateful for today. A few things that always bring a smile to my face! What about you? What are some little things you are grateful for today??


  1. Love this!! I did the Wife After God devotional back in October and was able to facilitate discussion on the book with about 25 other wives. It was a great devotional and one I'll go back to again and again. Fresh flowers really brighten up a room so nicely! I feel a bit like an old lady but I love hearing the birds and watching them so much that we have a bird feeder out front and out back. The kiddos love watching the birds, too. :) Hope you have a great Thursday!

  2. That book sounds very interesting. It's hard to remember all the good blessings when one something is dragging you down. I might have to check that book out. :)

  3. So many loves here! That Scripture...candle glow...Wife After God...! :)
    Love your loves! xx

  4. I can't wait to read Wife after God once I'm Spyros' Mrs. :) And laughing until your stomach hurts is truly the best feeling in the world :) Xx.

  5. Nothing better than cozying up with a lit candle and a good book! Everyone has been posting about Wife After God lately that I think I need to order myself a copy ASAP! Beautiful flowers- he did good :)


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