Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bridal Brunch and Rehearsal

I thought to kick off our Wedding posts I would start with the day before! This day was so much fun. It was a day full of quality time with Rob and with our loved ones and so full of anticipation! Lots of giddiness on my part.

To start the day my wonderful friend and mentor, Krista, and her daughter and my friend, Susannah, hosted a wonderful Bridal Brunch for us girls at their beautiful home. They decorated so beautifully and had the best brunch food. I got to celebrate with all my bridesmaids, flower girls, moms and grandmas! It was such a fun and precious time of enjoying each others company and celebrating!

 My beautiful moms!

 The most wonderful hostesses

Kinley Faith (sister and maid of honor) and Susannah (hostess and candle lighter)...the sweetest girls.

My flower girls, sweet Paisley and Lylah. 

The gifts I got for all the girls in the wedding party! Gold bracelets with their initial from here!

My amazing bridesmaids (we missed you holli!).

After the brunch we all split ways for a bit and then met at the church that afternoon to get it all set up! Yall. I have the best friends and family. We only had about an hour and half to decorate the church before the rehearsal started. Everyone came and helped decorate...candles, bows, flowers, pictures...and it was done right on time! I am so grateful for all my wonderful friends and family and their kindness. And it made it fun to decorate, all together! I have to admit I at times felt like a chicken with my head cut off. Everyone was asking me what to do...I was the "leader" of this whole decorating was crazy but so fun!

While others were finishing up the decorating, I was able to go back into the dressing room of the church and change for the rehearsal/rehearsal dinner. And then it was time for the rehearsal to start! We practiced how all the bridesmaids/groomsmen would walk in. Our candle lighters, flower girls and ring bearers practiced their moves. Rob and I stood up at the front and ran through the ceremony with our pastor. Our soloists practiced the song. I got to walk down the aisle...I tell ya my excitement and giddiness was through the roof! The rehearsal really was a blast. After about an hour of practice it was time to head to the rehearsal dinner! 

We had the dinner in a beautiful room at the United Spirit Arena, where Rob played college basketball. It was so fun to have it at a place that was so special to Rob for so many years. The dinner was so great! We had a fajita bar, drinks and dip and dots! Rob didn't really want a grooms cake so we decided to do dip and dots at the rehearsal instead and it was a hit! Our moms each put together a little speech to give. My mom brought lots of different items from my childhood and Rob's mom brought lots of different items from his childhood. Each item had a special or funny meaning to it. They would go on to talk about each item and how it was a significant part of our life. There was bibles, movies, costumes and even power ranger undies! It was such a great idea and so, so meaningful! My wonderful bridesmaid, Lauren, put together a slideshow of Robert and I. And it was perfect. There were pictures from each stage of our lives playing with sweet music. Then lots of our wedding party and friends got up and gave great speeches that were so sweet. It was such an amazing night! Rob and I were bursting with gratefulness and love for one another and all of our incredible family and friends. It was such a special evening!

 My mama and our wonderful slideshow creator!

 My amazing brother and groomsman and his wonderful girlfriend Logan!

listening to sweet speeches

my amazing father-in-law!


 watching the slideshow:)
 My amazing mother-in-law made these awesome goodie bags with a hilarious story for all the guests in the hotel!

This day was so fun and we felt so very blessed. I am telling you there was so much excitement and was such a wonderful day! And big thanks to my bridesmaid, Ellie and Aunt Lynn for the pictures! Up next...our Wedding Day!



  1. Wedding posts are probably one of my favorite posts! I love your dress choices! Can't wait to see "the dress." Your family and friends are too cute and obviously love y'all so much! Can't wait to see more!

  2. What gorgeous family and friends! I'm excited about these wedding posts you're doing!

  3. Aw this was such a sweet post girl! I loved reading it and enjoyed all of the photos! You are going to make such a beautiful bride :)

  4. okay, you are just the cutest thing ever!! loving these wedding posts! xoxo

  5. Wow that must have been a busy day for you all! You wouldn't even know it with how perfect you looked!!

  6. What an amazing way to kick off your wedding weekend! Totally stealing some of these ideas for when my BFF's are engaged :) You and all of your friends are gorgeous! You have to share with us sometime how you get your perfect curls - love your hair! Can't wait to read about the wedding day!

  7. Beautiful brunch and rehearsal! It looks like you guys had such special events to remember that special time!!

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