Monday, February 17, 2014

Our Wedding Day: Getting Ready!

Finally, the day had arrived! The day I marry the love of my life! For this post I am going to share everything that happened before the ceremony. All the wedding photos you will see now were taken by our incredible photographer Betsy at Photo by Betsy.

I woke up around 8 and had just the best feeling inside! I was so nervous, a really good nervous and so stinkin' excited. It is a feeling I will never forget. 

A few of Rob's groomsmen came over to get the decorations (candles, table cloths, flowers, ect) for the reception. Robert and I definitely did not want to see each other until the ceremony so I was so appreciative of his wonderful friends and their help. So Robert and the boys headed to the Reception Venue first thing that morning. I tried to have everything very organized and had given Rob lots of instructions about setting up. Since we did not want to see each other, my bridesmaids and I had breakfast and mimosas at home. Then we headed to the reception venue to finish all the details of decorating. We planned to arrive just as the boys were leaving. I figured there would still be so much to do but oh my goodness. I walked in and the boys had almost everything done...just how I envisioned it. They said Rob just took charge and told them where everything needed to go (he listened to every little detail I told him) and they went to work...I cannot tell you how impressed and appreciative I was! 

So then my mom, some of my aunts, my gigi, some of my bridesmaids and me finished up some of the details. While other bridesmaids headed back to the house for hair and makeup! Then when we needed to leave, some of our amazing and wonderful church friends- THANK you Dunns and Bloodworths!- stayed and finished up everything, waited for flowers and the cake to arrive and got everything reception ready. Gosh, I cannot thank them enough!

Now it was time to head back to the house to get ready!!

I had these shirts made to ask the girls to be my bridesmaids many months before. Bridesmaid on the back and our wedding date on the front. It was such a fun way to ask and loved that we could all wear them on the big day! I also had one with Bride on the back!

How cute is my little sister?? She is 10 years old and looked so grown up. The best maid of honor ever.

I was so pleased with the ladies that did my hair and makeup. They were incredible!! So if you live in Lubbock you have to call, Sarah for hair and Megan for makeup at Terra Bella Salon.

Robert and I wrote our own vows to one another along with the traditional ones. I cannot tell you how special it was. More on that later!

My poppy passed away about a year before the wedding. He was such a special person in my life and was so very missed on that day and every day. This is his handkerchief that I got engraved to carry with me during the ceremony. "The best seat in the house" is something we talked about during his last days...and man did he have the best seat! This handkerchief was used to wipe some tears but also to wipe sweat off of Rob's face during the ceremony:) Man, it was hot! And I know my poppy just loved it and was laughing from above!

Makeup and hair was all done so it was now time to head to the church, at about 2 I believe! I was running just a  little bit late, which is really good for me! The boys had enjoyed the day hanging out and eating together and then headed to the church to get all beautiful for the wedding :) I think they had a blast...

My brother and Nate, our ring bearers! Robert and I made fun little goodie bags for our two ring bearers and two flower girls. We knew it would be a long day so we wanted to give them something fun to play with! The bags had cute little toys and some yummy snacks!

 The cutest baby brother there ever was.

And the most handsome groom there ever was, getting all spiffy!


my mother-in-law...y'all. she is awesome. 

Then it was time to put on the dress! Sorry there are so many pictures of the girls, I think we are just more interesting to take pictures of while getting ready :) So now the dress!

my beautiful mom, she truly is the best mom a girl could ask for.

And then I gave my moms their gifts and a few tears started to flow! I gave my mom and my gigi, my poppy's wife, each an engraved handkerchief of Poppy's as well. It was so special! I gave my mother-in-law a beautiful handkerchief I ordered from here! They all had a special saying on them. I wanted them to know how special they are to me and just a way to say thank you for being the best moms in the world.

 sorry, I'm an ugly crier :)

 my cousin and bridesmaid, Shea, made by beautiful garter!

This was such a fun time! Robert and I had the best times with our friends and family that morning. Again, it was a morning full of such excitement and precious time with loved ones. There was laughing, crying and tons of joy. Next up, a few more before the ceremony pictures! Lots with bridesmaids and lots with groomsmen and lots of "seeing" my groom before I walked down the aisle! Stay tuned to see what I mean!



  1. I love that your little sister was your Maid of Honor... she looks so proud!! :) :) Super sweet :)

  2. Love the bridesmaid shirts, super cute! We did hair and makeup at our house before the wedding too and it was SO amazing to just be able to relax at home instead of all being separated in a salon. I recommend it to everyone now!

  3. These are so beautiful! Makes me even more excited for my wedding! The getting ready part has to be so fun!!! Ahh! Xx.

  4. I loved everything about this post! So fun reading and seeing other people's weddings. Dear Lord you were a beautiful bride.

  5. bridesmaids shirts are too cute! Your dress is gorgeous!

  6. Cute idea for the shirts!! And your pictures are so beautiful! They really did a great job with them, although the subjects look pretty photogenic!!

  7. Stunning photos! And such touching words. Thanks for sharing.

  8. So much fun seeing these pictures! They're all so beautiful and you looked gorgeous!

  9. You sure got some awesome photos and memories from before the wedding even began! :)

  10. Your wedding dress is GORGEOUS!! Like unbelievably gorgeous!
    And your mom looks like your sister. You have amazing genes girlfriend.

  11. I love the gown you wore. It's so simple, and yet very elegant! All your other ideas about your wedding are super creative. Congratualtions on your wedding, and I wish you a happy domestic life!

    Caroll @

  12. Girl we got married 2 weeks apart! Everything is so beautiful!!

  13. Is your dress from Allure? I think I tried that one on - or very similar! Loved it but went with a lace gown.


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