Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Wedding Day: Formals and a Special Moment

Today I want to share a little bit more of before the ceremony Wedding fun! I have had so much fun recapping my Bridal Brunch and our Rehearsal and the Getting Ready part of the Wedding Day. So now for some fun formal pictures and a special moment!

After much discussion, Robert and I decided not to see each other before the wedding. Robert had always envisioned seeing me for the first time walking down the aisle on this day and that is how I had always dreamed of it. Many people will tell you how much easier it is, how everything flows so much better, how much less stressful it is to have a "First Look", especially when it comes to the picture taking part of it, which is true in a lot of ways. So we really took all that advice into consideration. But in the end we decided to stick with what we really wanted and I am so glad we did because it was right for us. Yes, doing it this way makes for more "rushed" pictures with family and the wedding party after the ceremony, but you know what? It worked and it was just what we wanted! I remember trying to hurry a little so we could meet our wonderful guests at the reception, because of course not having a first look means your guests will wait a little longer for your arrival- but we made sure to have the bar open, chips and hot sauce waiting and our popcorn bar open to help with the waiting period! Full bellies = happy guests :) This way worked for us and it was perfect. So my advice- do what you want!! There is no wrong choice. The best choice is what you feel most comfortable with. If you really want to see your groom for the first time walking down the aisle- do it! If you really want to have a first look with all the great benefits it comes with- do it! Just do what you and your groom imagine and it will all be just fine!

The girls took pictures together before the ceremony and the boys took pictures together as well! It was really a fun time. I think we all thoroughly enjoyed being "models" :) And man our photographer, Betsy, is the best.

Look at all these handsome boys!

Rob's brother and best man and his dad...

Cousin and my brother!

such an amazing group of guys right there...

The boy's suits are from Jos. A. Bank and their ties (as well as the little's bow ties) are from the Tie Bar, which has so many budget-friendly options!

Now for my beautiful girls!
^^ look at those hot mamas! two amazing women, and i mean incredibly amazing. have i said that before? :)^^

The best friends a girl could ask for, I cannot thank them enough for their love and friendship.

My house party girls. Man these two are wonderful. So grateful for all they did on this day and even more for their friendship.

The Bridesmaid dresses are Mori Lee. I absolutely loved them and thought everyone looked so, so beautiful!
Flower Girls and the Phillips girls....We are Family! Sing it with me :)

 My groom...I still get butterflies in my stomach when I say that!

Next, it is was time for something special. It was really important to Rob and I to pray together before the ceremony. We wanted a special time "together" to hold hands and express our ultimate thankfulness to God and this gift of marriage he was blessing us with. And let me tell you...this was one of my favorite parts of the day. Just holding Rob's hand made me ball like a baby and being able to truly focus on the true meaning of this day before the ceremony started was just perfect. It really helped both of us to soak in the magnitude of what a blessing marriage will be and God's great love for us. Because after all, this day was not about Rob and I. It was about the covenant we were making to God and one another. It was a day to not only to profess our great love to one another but more importantly our Savior. It was a day to commit to this wonderful blessing and gift we are being given- marriage. It was a day to show our thankfulness to God and to promise to love one another as he loves us. With all the hoopla (fun hoopla) that goes into the big day, it is easy for me to forget what is most important. Our prayer time together was so wonderful to focus and really feel the magnitude of this amazing blessing.

 I was so glad to have our photographer capture this moment. These pictures bring back such wonderful memories. I will treasure them forever!

 And then of course we had a few laughs...
Rob did see a little bit of the bottom of my dress, just a little sneak peak:)

It was such a wonderful time! We cried, we laughed and let a lot of nerves out!

And there ya have it! More special moments before the ceremony...moments I will never forget and treasure forever. 

Next up...The Ceremony! Finally! I will share all that fun very soon!


  1. Love your bridesmaids dresses and love that you guys prayed together before the ceremony! So sweet!

  2. Love love love!!! Stunning photos! You looked gorgeous! The day looked perfect!

  3. These are just beyond gorgeous for sure. But, I definitely love the praying between the door photos the most, beautiful idea.

  4. I'm tearing up here! This post makes my heart so happy!! Praise God for the beautiful gift of marriage!! Your photos are beautiful! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. This gave me butterflies - I love the photos of you two praying together before the ceremony - very sweet! Love what you picked from your BM dresses as well!!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I loved the basketball grooms picture. And the meet up pictures.

  7. Girl, you are gorgeous! The door pictures brought tears to my eyes.

  8. All I want to say is GORGEOUS!!!


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