Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Julie and Pat in Nuremberg

Happy Tuesday, friends! 

The past few days we have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and our time with our wonderful friends, Laurie and Layne! It has been the best. And they are here until Thursday...still lots of fun to be had! In honor of our current visitors, I thought I would go ahead and finally share a visit we had about a month ago!

The day after Holli and Ellie left, so back in January, two more wonderful people joined us...Robert's mom and brother!! I can't tell you how much we love visitors, hint hint! We were really missing family so it was so great to have family with us for a whole week. We had a blast! As usual we ate lots of German food, gave them lots of tours of Nuremberg and enjoyed special time together. It was wonderful.

They got here on a Saturday, plenty of time for some yummy schnitzel, a little nap and Rob's basketball game! The next day we headed to Munich for the day. We first stopped to tour Dachau concentration camp, like we did with Holli and Ellie, and I said before a very emotional and intense experience. It really opens your eyes. After a heavy afternoon we headed into Munich for a light-hearted and FUN evening at Haufbrauhaus (famous brewery)! It was a blast talking, drinking and eating pretzels and sausage!

The rest of the time they were here we showed them all Nuremberg has to offer and enjoyed lots of fun time together...

 such a wonderful mom right there!

 Robert...the photographer. He goes to great links to get a great picture :)

 Enjoying some Nurembergers...soo good. 

 One of Rob and Pats favorite things to do...feed the birds, it was very entertaining to watch.

 Up at the castle!

 They sure love their mama...aren't they adorable??:)

 Nuremberg at night...love this view.

On their last morning here, I made this goodness. I will share soon, because it is a must bake!

Such a fun week with those two filled with such great memories! Julie and Pat, we MISS y'all!


  1. How fun to have family visit! The weather looks nice there right now, too. Not too cold that you can' get out and do things. I bet the spring will be beautiful!

  2. What fun visitors! Your husband and his brother both look so tall!!

  3. The pic of the boys with their momma...priceless! You may have this info elsewhere, but I'm gonna go ahead and ask here anyway...do you speak any German? If you don't, is it hard to communicate? I've never been out of the country so I haven't a clue.

  4. Looks like a wonderful visit! Boys and their mama's...too sweet!

  5. Those boys are so sweet with their mama!!! Looks like you had a fabulous time, and I hope you're enjoying your current guests!! :) Happy Wednesday, girlie!!


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