Friday, November 29, 2013

A Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving here! It was our first as husband and wife and our first far away from family. We sure missed all of our loved ones but really had a great couple of days! We are so very grateful. We went to some friends for a Thanksgiving Eve dinner and then got to celebrate with the team on Thanksgiving day (well night, 11 pm to be exact, we had to wait until practice was over)! We celebrated with lots of great food, company and fun. We are so thankful for new friends here, old friends back home, family we miss, one another and our wonderful God. I hope you all had a day full of laughter, joy and thanks.

A few pictures from my phone of our Thanksgiving celebrations...

This is Thanksgiving morning when we got locked out of our apartment. Whoops! An hour and a half in the stairway made for fun conversation:)

The cutest turkey made by our wonderful hostess on Thanksgiving Eve!

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade! We were so excited we could get it on the computer.

A yummy potluck dinner at a teammates house! I made a couple of sides and desserts that I will share soon.

Grateful for a fun Thanksgiving and now excited for Christmas time! Our plans for this weekend...

+basketball game, of course!
+Christmas Markets open excited!
+Christmas Tree hunting!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Instagram Magnets

How fun are these?! I had the opportunity to a review of a company called Instajunction. They take your instagram pictures and make them into all sorts of fun! You can order framed prints, coasters, Polaroid style cards, mini books, key rings, cuff links, wrapping paper, charm bracelets, posters, greeting cards , magnets, of course, and so much more!

I have been wanting magnets for a long time so that was my pick! They came in a couple of days ago and are wonderful! The company was so helpful. I forgot to add some information to my address and I was able to email them and received a very kind and prompt reply. The delivery was speedy, it seemed like I ordered, turned around and they were already here! I was very pleased by the product. Great picture quality, sturdy not flimsy...I was so impressed! The magnets come in sheets of 12 for 9.99 euros ($13), so a great deal!

These would be a great Christmas gift. Or try the key rings, coasters, or their other fun products....what a great personalized gift for loved ones!

Instajunction is a company based in the UK but they ship worldwide with very reasonable shipping prices. So this company is for all!

Go check You will be so glad you did!

Happy Shopping!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! A little bit about what has been going on here in Nuremberg...

+Rob had an away game on Saturday (7 hours away to be exact). So that meant he left early Friday morning and didnt get back until early Sunday morning. Two nights by myself?! What would I do?? But it was great! I did some shopping,  watched many girly (aka Hallmark) movies, worked on some future blog posts and worked on my wreath (almost finished)! But more importantly the team won! Rob had a great game, 17 points, wahoo! I am so very proud of him and the team...keep up the good work boys! You can keep up with there schedule and scores here!

+We have been going downtown a lot. It is the perfect place to go to walk around, maybe grab dinner, always a dessert, enjoy the scenery and people watch! We also have done some shopping...together. Sometimes it goes great and others times not so much. See I am the person that likes to spend hours just walking around and browsing. No specefic agenda. Rob on the other hand needs a plan..."we are going for this and how quick can we find it??" So when we go shopping together...sometimes not the best experience:) BUT we are learning to respect each others needs and to compromise. I tell ya, marriage teaches us new lessons every day!

+We are having a great time getting to know some wonderful  friends here. A couple of weeks ago
I was able to go to an away game with some other player girlfriends/wives, we  went out for a fun night last week, fun thanksgiving plans and we are going to get a tree with a sweet family next week! Thankful for all these people and for their efforts to get to know us.  

Nothing too crazy going on here, just living life, enjoying being married and learning lots along the way:)

Christmas windows out in full force...beautiful!

Rob getting artsy with the iphone:)

 Roberto is all clean shaven, no more grizzly man, bittersweet day:)

Happy Monday! And Happy Thanksgiving much to be thankful for!


Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday
I recently found the  Hello Happiness Blog and The Good Life Blog...I am just loving their posts and have so much fun reading what they write! They have been hosting a fabulous link up along with two other amazing blogs A. Liz Adventures and Carolina Charm. So I am linking up along with lots others for a series called Five on Friday! Every Friday I will do a post about five things...anything, random things, just whatever is on my mind! So here we go my first Five on Friday and my first blog link up...

One. Our First Thanksgiving
We are celebrating our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and I am scared! My goal is to make a turkey...duh, duh, duh. There is no way mine will look like the one above from the wonderful Poineer Woman (i can only hope) but I think I will try to follow her directions. Wish me luck!

Two. Anthropologie Knock off Wreath
I am in the process of trying to make this beautiful wreath! I am really not much of a "crafter"...but it is going pretty good so far! I am following this tutorial from Between You and Me Blog. She gives great step-by-step directions and it is really pretty easy. I am hoping to finish this weekend and will share my finished project!

Three. Best Friends in Germany
I. Am. SO. Excited. In just a few short weeks a few of my wonderful best friends will be making there way to good ole Germany and I can't wait! Abby before Christmas and then Holli and Ellie after...hurry and get here ladies!

Four. Paris
Speaking of Christmas...Rob and I have decided to go to Paris over the holiday! It is only 7 hours away from where we live, which is still crazy and unbelievable to me. He has some days off over Christmas so we figure we HAVE to take advantage. I am in planning mode right now, we will be there for 3 nights/four days. I know we cannot see the whole city by any means so trying to figure out what we have to do and see. Those who have been...suggestions???

Five. Hallmark
I have an addiction...Hallmark Christmas Movies. They are just such good feeling and happy movies. Cheesy...yes! Usually my kind of movies are. Robert and I are saving the "big" Christmas movies (Elf, Christmas Vacation, The Grinch...) for December. So I have been filling my movie watching time with plenty of Hallmark (while Rob is at practice, they are not necessarily his favorite:)).

Be sure to go check out the blogs I will be glad you did!
Happy Friday!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cinderella's Castle

Robert had a day off the other day and we took advantage! About 3 hours away is Neuschwanstein Castle. And it is incredible! Totally worth the drive. It was built for King Ludwig in the 1800s and it is extravagant. So many details and it was actually the inspiration for Cinderella's Castle...which I though was so neat! We bought tickets in town, took about a 45 min walk up (with food stops on the way), and then a tour guide led our group through the inside of the castle. I have never seen anything like it, such amazing intricate details. Pictures were not allowed inside but I took plenty of the outside! I could not imagine having this view from my window...such beautiful creation!

My grizzly man:)

It was a rainy, foggy, bad hair, beautiful day:)

After our castle tour we went to Fussen, a very cute town about 5 min away. We walked around, ate dinner and enjoyed a little snowfall (still none here in Nuremberg, snow we are ready for ya!)

Beautiful candy shop (with some incredible truffles) and our first Christmas purchase! Santa with a pretzel?! How great is that? We were SUPER excited.

At the end of the day we ate a delicious dinner, warm light surrounding us and snow falling was magical. Snow makes everything magical, doesn't it?? (I am just a little dramatic) Anyways it was a great day and the perfect little getaway!