Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our 2014 {Part I}

This year has been a really wonderful one. It has been full of lots of joy and for that I am so grateful.

Last year, I did a review of 2013 so I wanted to do the same for this year! Get ready for picture overload.

I am hitting all the high points, all the happy smiling moments. But don't let that fool you there were plenty not so happy days/moments this year. As there is for us all, life sure is not perfect. But for the most part, when I look back on our year I remember all of these wonderful times, all the smiles. Those "hard" moments are much less prominent in my mind, and instead I remember all of the love that filled these past 365 days.

Thank you Jesus, for one sweet year!

This was the month of visitors! First Ellie and Holli visited and we hit Prague, Vienna , Salzburg and was so much fun traveling with my best friends. 

beautiful Vienna. 

Then Mama Lew and brother Pat visited! We had a blast exploring Nuremberg and spending lots of time together. 

Roberto also planned the greatest at home date night involving homemade mini golf. And we enjoyed lots of Nuremberg, Germany...our home at the time. 

Our friends Laurie and Layne came to see us this month! We had the best time just hanging out in Nuremberg and visiting the nearby town of Bamberg, one day.

The rest of the month Roberto and I enjoyed dates, basketball, movies and just being lazy!

So I guess the  beginning of this year was full of visitors! We would'nt have it any other way. Germany was such a great place for people to come visit. Nuremberg was full of things to do. It really was such a wonderful place to live! At the beginning of the month, some of Roberto's extended family came for the weekend...

And then at the end of the month, my sweet mama came!! We even took a little overnight trip to beautiful Prague...

And enjoyed bike rides in Nuremberg and lots of fun together...we even saw Grease the musical in German! It was pretty great.

This month we had the privilege to babysit the sweetest girls and house/dog sit for the same family, a family we love and miss so much! We enjoyed long walks with Frankie the pup and picnics...the weather was starting to warm up and I remember being so thrilled!

May, oh may, this really seems like yesterday! This was such a fun month. Basketball ended, Roberto and I enjoyed a day trip to beautiful Rothenburg and then enjoyed our most favorite trip ever to...Italy. After out Italian adventure, it was back to the states! We were so sad to leave Nuremberg but also so excited to go home!

 beautiful Rothenburg and then amazing Italia...

 sad goodbyes and happy hello's...


June was spent enjoying our wonderful families. We spent time in my hometown and then we headed to KC to see Roberto's family! Lots and lots of driving this month, but it was so so worth it. So many hugs to give!

 AND! On the fifteenth we celebrated ONE year of marriage! I really love this man...

We traveled even more this month. We visited my Gigi for the 4th, cousins in Durango, CO, Dallas, TX for a wedding and then enjoyed a trip with my side of the family to Red River, NM...each was such a blast!

Love these littles...

We also got to stay with some of our favorite kiddos for a few days...

Whew! It has been such a wonderful full of lots of joy and lots of love. I am so incredibly thankful. 

And now I am tired. Come back tomorrow for the last half of the year! 

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Off to Explore!

Today is the day. Today I am leaving for an 8 day trip to London and Paris...with my best friends. I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!

One, so excited to see these amazing cities (and so grateful) and two, so excited to spend time with my friends...I have missed them so, so much.

Our plan is to enjoy these cities to the fullest. Explore, eat, site-see and marvel our way around town. Please, if you have any "must dos" of places to see, eat...anything, comment and let me know! We do not want to miss out and would really appreciate any and all suggestions. 

I have a few posts coming out the next few days while I am away...all about our 2014 and even one from a special guest! hint: it's my roommate...the boy :)

Here is to a great week friends! Poland, I'll see you in a week. And Ladies...

I will see you SOON!

Monday, December 29, 2014

{Christmas 2014}

I can't believe Christmas is went by way too quickly! Roberto and I had a great few days here. It was very relaxing and very wonderful.

On Christmas Eve we got out once in the morning to get a few groceries and then we came back home and hopped right back in to our pajamas. We spent the rest of the day taking long naps, watching Christmas movies, making dinner and decorating cookies. It was glorious.

We ended the night with hot chocolate, White Christmas and a few card games. A pretty perfect Christmas Eve in our book.

 Rob reading the story of Christ's birth. In this moment...I was so overcome with gratefulness. So I had to get a picture:)

Please, don't mind our half lit tree. We tried...

Spending Christmas in our own apartment, just the two of us, was such a sweet thing. Holidays in the future will most likely be spent with family, kids one day, lots of events, lots "to do". So spending a Christmas with just Roberto in the comfort of our own home, with no specific agenda, was pretty darn special.

We slept in Christmas morning, then I got breakfast started and we opened stockings. We had not planned on gifts this year, but when we decided not to travel, we knew we had to do a little stocking stuffers it was! This was such a fun time, lots of thoughtful goodies and Santa even brought oranges! {A tradition from when I was little.}

Robert had Christmas Eve and Day off, so we had all the time in the world together and lots of free time to fill. After a delicious brunch, we relaxed most of the day and then got ready that night to go to the movies! We saw The Hobbit and it was really good. I am a big fan of seeing movies on Christmas and I think now Roberto is too...whoo! It really was such a wonderful and special day together!

The next day it snowed...almost a white Christmas! We decided we had to take advantage of it, so after Rob got home from practice we went out and played in the snow. It was wonderful.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Now Rob is at an away game and I am watching a lot of Criminal Minds, seriously can not get enough of it.

I hope each of you had a very Merry Christmas! Happy Monday, friends!

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