Monday, December 30, 2013

Abby and Bailley in Heidelberg

During Abby's visit we took a day trip to the precious town of Heidelberg, here in Germany. The team had a game there and we heard they had great Christmas Markets! We spent the afternoon walking around the markets, eating some delicious food and even riding a carousal (and it was a blast)...

We had so much fun just walking around and enjoying the new sites. Then that night we headed to Rob's game (where we got lost again, but a kind, kind man on a bike led us to the sweet). We were so glad Abby got to see Rob play and I was so glad to see an out of town game. And have a cheering buddy:) It was such a great day and fun day trip!

Abby, we LOVED having you can come back now!

I will be sharing our Paris trip next! But first I will be enjoying spending time with my...BEST FRIENDS!! That's right Holli and Ellie get here today and I can hardly wait! I am seriously so giddy. I just am so grateful for all these visitors! We will be spending lots of time catching up, exploring, traveling more and of course, enjoying being together again! Finally! I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week!


Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Charming Prague

While Abby was here we spent a night in beautiful Prague. And when I say beautiful, I mean beautiful. It is a city full of so much history, detail and beauty. We left early one morning to make the drive, and didn't even get lost (which is a pretty big deal for me)! We spent that day exploring their Christmas markets, Old town and New town and walking through every nook and cranny.

Trdelnik. My most favorite dessert in the world. A hollow, warm pastry covered in cinnamon sugar...soo good.

That night we stayed at the wonderful Grand Hotel Bohemia, which was just perfect and we highly recommend. Then, the next day we went to Charles Bridge, Prague Castle (incredible), stopped in pretty shops and enjoyed the morning.

 Amazing scenery on Charles Bridge. The construction of this bridge started in 1357...1357. So crazy and incredible.

And then... in the afternoon we started our way back to Nuremberg, made a wrong turn and got lost. We added about two hours to our trip, whoops. But as wonderful Abby reminded me we got to see some breath-taking country side and an amazing sunset. So now looking on the other side of it that two extra hours were no big deal...but at the time...BIG deal (I wasn't the happiest camper). :)

It was a great couple of days! I am so grateful I got to explore this city with such a special friend and cousin. So thankful for that opportunity.

Prague, thank you for an amazing time! If you ever plan a trip to Europe, I would say Prague is a must see! Even if just for a night, I guarantee it will leave you breathless.

Abby and I were able to take one more little day trip to a darling town here in Germany...Heidelberg. We just adored it there. Come back tomorrow to see why:) Have a wonderful and restful Sunday, friends!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Abby in Germany

We are home! We had a wonderful time in Paris. I will share pictures and thoughts on that trip very soon but first I wanted to share the fun that was had when my cousin, Abby, came! She was here for 6 days and it was the best. We caught up on each other's lives, traveled, ate way too much and showed her all that this part of the world has to offer (or at least some of it!). I am going to divide her visit into a few posts...first off her time here in wonderful Nuremberg!

We spent much of our time enjoying Christmas downtown. There is just nothing like it. Christmas lights, everywhere, tons of people exploring the markets, delicious food, singing and lots of Christmas fun. 

Robert's dinner one night and a very popular meal here... pork knuckle. It is pretty delicious.

We spent the rest of our time in Nuremberg exploring the rally grounds, a little shopping, trying new German restaurants, exploring the castle, ice skating in a town nearby and enjoying our time together!

Abby, we miss you and love you and are so glad you could come visit us! (I was way too sad when she grateful she came to see us.)

Tomorrow...a recap of our trip to Prague and man I have some beautiful pictures to show! Have a wonderful Saturday, friends!