Friday, May 1, 2015

The Polish Outdoors

I commented on instagram the other day about how Poland is a completely different world in the Spring. And it could not be more true. The days of overcast skies, colorless surroundings and frigid temps have gone away and have been replaced by sweet sunshine, blooming trees and the prettiest colors you've ever seen.

It is crazy what the weather does for your mood! Robert and I have been spending loads of time outside this week soaking in this gorgeous Lublin, Poland we have never seen. Mamas and kids are out playing in the parks, students are riding bikes, older gentlemen are sitting on benches is a whole new, beautiful, lively world. I am so glad we got to see this side of Lublin before our time here comes to an end, which is very soon. This place is going to hold such a special place in our hearts, always.

Enjoy some pictures from our outdoor time this week...lakes, bike rides, massive trees, parks and the beautiful Polish culture.

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