Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Life in Germany: An Apartment Tour

I decided to start a little series title "Life in Germany". It is just a chance for me to share what our day to day looks like here. A couple weeks ago I wrote about Life in Germany: A Day in the Life, a look into what exactly happens in the Lewandowski household on a regular day! I have plans to share about little things such as a trip to the grocery store, a Saturday in Nuremberg (so fun!), the difference between Germany and Texas and so on! So that gives you a little idea of what to look forward to! I think it will be fun to share and I will be so glad years from now that I documented all these little things!

So today I want to share with you our humble abode!
8x10 home sweet home print by kensiekate on Etsy, $15.00

For the next few years we will not "settle" down in one place, we will probably be somewhere new each year. All of our fabulous wedding gifts we received are safe and sound in storage back in Texas. I tell ya when we move back to the states in a few years, it will be like Christmas opening up all those gifts again!

So for now we brought with us just the necessities (what could fit in a suitcase)...clothes, shoes, beauty products, a few pictures and that is about it! Since we are only here for 9 months (we will head back to the states at the end of May for a few months and then head back over seas for another season around August, we have no idea where though) we didn't want to put a lot of money into decorating but wanted our apartment to feel like home! The team is so great and provided us with kitchen items, all furniture...the big stuff! We just bought a few things like a quilt, pillows and a few decorative items and that's about it! First stop...the kitchen!

Look at that covered fridge! We still have a few Christmas Cards up...they make me so happy! And can I just say Instagram Magnets are the best.

And that is our washer squeezed between the oven/stove and sink there. No dryer, which I really don't miss. Except for sheet cleaning days...sheets take foreverrr to dry! Now onto the hallway...so exciting, I know!

 I am taking the picture right from where our front door is. Now lets walk a little further and we will run into the bathroom on the right...

 The white thing on the wall is a heater! We have one in the kitchen, bathroom and living room. And man does it heat our place up quick.

Next up, the living room...

We did buy a lamp for the living room and our bedroom. I know it sounds silly, but lamps to me make a house so much more "homey". I love the light they put off! Oh and I spy...Robert, also know as the master of bed making.

This is the room where we throw (a really comfy) air mattress on the floor and it quickly transforms into the guest bedroom! It has worked great with all our guests, very cozy :)

Plenty of card games and Settlers (best board game ever) have been played on this table.

Last stop...the bedroom!

Built in closet/shelves for our clothes to the right and where our clothes dry to the left!

And there ya have it! A tour of our cozy apartment. Not extravagantly decorated but simple and more than we need. We are so grateful for this place...it is perfect to us and for this time in our life. It has become our home and haven and we just love it here. We have a few more months left in this place and when we do leave we will always remember this home and all the memories made here during our first year of marriage!


  1. Awww I love y'alls place! I have been working on an apartment decor post and I got so excited that I was documenting it because I will have pictures to remember what it looked like forever, just like y'all will! All this wedding planning has made me extra sappy! Y'alls place looks great...thanks for sharing! Xx.

  2. I'm loving your place it looks so cozy! I'm a new follower and have been enjoying reading your blog. I nominated you for a Liebster Award, if ya wanna play along here's the link to read about it and participate: http://hillarysgrace.blogspot.com/2014/02/liebster-award.html


  3. It looks great in there!! And from what I've seen on TV, that looks a lot more spacious than most European apartments!! Love the big windows too!

  4. Love it! How cute! Where do you find instagram magnets?! And what is settlers? I loooovvvve games and I've never heard of this one! And I love the wreath on the window!

  5. Oh, it looks so cosy in there. I really do like it.

    ruth @ www.roothless-xo.blogspot.com

  6. What a beautiful space! My husband talk about living overseas sometimes (since it is something we could make happen with his job if we wanted to), and this makes me slightly more open to the idea. :-)

  7. Soo cute! It is always fun to see what places in other countries look like. I think it shows how much more simply us Americans we can be living

  8. How exciting to get to live in such cool places! And is your husband making the bed in that one picture? Haha!

  9. Love that you did a tour. You did a good job making it look very cozy and inviting in there.

  10. Oh, what a fun series you're starting! I love seeing inside other's homes (not in a creepy way at all though, promise :)) You've done a great job making it feel warm and cozy. And I so agree, lamps make homes feel so homey. I rarely use overhead lighting, except in the kitchen, for that very reason.

  11. There may not be a lot but the few touches are really lovely! I like your shower curtain too, fun pop =) Rob is the bed maker? So is Chris. I always get him to put the fresh sheets on.

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  13. I've always found the Life in Germany series on your blog interesting. It's a fresh view of the daily musings of a German family, and that's definitely something to look forward to in a blog. In any case, that home tour was pretty fun. Your apartment looks super cozy. Thanks for sharing that, Bailley! All the best to you and your family! :)

    Benny Daniel @ Finlay Brewer

  14. Great blog I love y'alls place! I have been working on an apartment decor post and I got so excited that I was documenting it because I will have pictures to remember what it looked like forever, just like y'all will! All this wedding planning has made me extra sappy! Y'alls place looks great...thanks for sharing........

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