Sunday, February 16, 2014

Holli and Ellie in Germany

Alright! Back to when my beautiful friends, Holli and Ellie visited Germany in January! 

They were here for 12 glorious days. We enjoyed time in Nuremberg for a few days then started our little adventure. Our first stop was Prague (which I haven't shared yet but will soon!), then Vienna (see here), then Salzburg for the Sound of Music Tour (see here) and then it was back to Germany! But, before we went back to Nuremberg we stopped for a couple of night in beautiful Munich! Sadly, my camera died the day before (I couldn't find my charger before we left, go figure). But thank goodness for camera phones!

It was a rainy and lovely day in Munich. This was the fifth day of our adventure and by this time we were pretty tired. We were in there on a Sunday, so all the shops were closed. We spent the day walking around and just enjoying the beauty of Munich. Our first stop (above) was the beautiful Rathaus or New Town Hall. It is a magnificent site.

One of our favorite parts was taking a walk through Munich's beautiful English Gardens (it is bigger than Central Park)! It was such a beautiful walk full of rivers, runners, ducks and lots of green. Right on the edge of the Gardens is something way, way cool...

River Surfing in the Park! How cool is that?! I had heard it was a must see but was afraid because of the cold weather no one would be surfing. Luckily, I was wrong! There were about 5 men out surfing was so neat and they definitely drew in a crowd!

Our last stop in Munich was the famous brewery, the Haufbrauhaus! If you are ever in Munich this is a must! They have loud bands playing, huge pretzels, good brew and lots of lederhosen! It reminded me a lot of  the trip Rob and I took to Munich for Oktoberfest! This brewery has a very similar feel to the tents during the fest!

After that we headed back to the hotel for a night of desserts and drinks in there wonderful lobby! We stayed at the Holiday Inn and highly recommend it (plus it is budget friendly)! The next day we drove about 30 minutes outside of Munich to Dachau. We toured the Dachau Concentration Camp. I cannot tell you what a heart breaking and eye opening experience this was.

After our tour it was time for us to head back to Nuremberg! Here are a few pictures of our days spent in Nuremberg...a fun time was had by all! First a few pictures from the first couple of days Holli and Ellie got here...

 New years Eve we went and watched fireworks at the Castle! Y'all. It was crazy. This is the only night here you can shoot fireworks and everybody and their dog was doing just that. There is no professional firework show but at midnight everyone starts shooting off their fireworks...and I am talking about the big ones. It was so beautiful to see tons of fireworks going off in front of you but because we were at the castle, which is up high, we could see tons in the distance as well. It was so neat. And so crowded, which was fine until we were trying to leave. We finally got through everybody and thought we were in the clear and then someone's firework tipped over and went off right by our feet. Scared us a little but no big deal. Until we got indoors and I realized my jacket had caught ON FIRE! kinda. The sparks from the fireworks had burned and singed my new, good jacket in many different places. I was so sad. But luckily these peeps cheered me up and we had a fabulous start to 2014...

The next day we left for our grand adventure! Five days later we were back with Robert and back in good ole Nuremberg...

We spent the rest of the time touring Nuremberg, relaxing and just spending lots of time together. It was the best!!



  1. Munich was my favorite city I visited in Germany! I wouldn't complain about living there if I had the chance. :)

  2. What a fun visit with girlfriends!! I don't know when (if) we'll ever make it to Europe, so I enjoy seeing all the pics of places you visit. :) Also, I love the height difference between you and your hubby. I'm 5'5" and my hubby is 6'7" :)

  3. I love reading about all your adventures - so so cooll!! AND that knit/fur vest you have is super cute, love it!!

  4. These pictures are stunning!! Sounds like you had a great time!!

  5. Oh my gosh!!! Second to last picture is PRECIOUS!


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