Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Life in Germany: A day in the Life

I get this one question a lot from friends and family...What do you do every day? So I thought I would explain about this rare and crazy daily life we live.

We, Robert and I, are living a very unique and different life. One we have never lived before and one we will probably never live again after basketball. You see I don't have a job (it's kinda vital to speak German to be a nurse in Germany, go figure). We plan to live overseas for a few more years (exact and where we do not know) and hopefully some years a job opportunity for me will present itself. But for right now I am enjoying my role as a stay at home wife:) We don't have kids, Robert has practice just once (maybe twice) a day, we don't have pets...all those things that keep life busy are pretty much absent from our life at this point. So that arises the question again...what do we do every day?

Well we eat and sleep. That is it. Have a great day!

Hehe I'm kidding, I'm kidding. Sort of:) Like I said we are living a very unique and "rare" daily life right now. Here is what happens on a normal day in the Lewandowski household...we sleep in late, we go workout at the gym, come home and eat lunch, do bible study, watch a movie, lots of days consist of a nap, eat dinner, Rob heads to practice, I catch up on girly shows, do my devotional, blog, plan travels, facetime friends and family, then rob gets home and we stay up late playing board games or watching TV and talking. Of course not every day is like this. There are days obviously when Rob has a game, days when we spend the afternoon downtown walking around/running errands or days when we hangout with friends or weeks when we have wonderful visitors.

Yep, I know what you are thinking. We are bums.
(well not as much rob since he works his booty off every day)

And I sure feel like it! If you can't tell. That is why I feel like I have to explain myself! I went from being in nursing school full time while having a job while planning a wedding while babysitting, to working nights while being a newlywed while studying for my NCLEX while being constantly exhausted. This life never included naps and rarely included down time. And the exact same was for Rob with being a full time athlete and student in college. We were busy. Just like everyone else. And it was a great life. 

And now. Well as you can see it is different. Very different. Sometimes I feel guilty, sometimes I feel too lazy. But even though we do not have lots to do, we still try to be productive by working out, spending time with God and the word, cooking dinner, ect. We try to not "lazy" the day away:)

Something I will always remember is some great advice we received before we left...Enjoy it. Enjoy this downtime. Enjoy.

We went on to talk about how one day we will move back to the states and have "normal" lives again. One day we will both have full time jobs, one day we will have babies, one day we will have teenagers, one day we will have lots going on. And there will be no naps, no spending almost every hour of the day together, no sleeping in. And those will be great days, I can't wait for those days to have a family and crazy life. But for right now I will enjoy this "unusual" life. Because I know I will miss it. I will soak up the time I get to spend with my husband. I will soak up how rested I am, one that I rarely experienced during school and working nights and one I know I will rarely experience again when we start a family one day.

We understand what an unusual life this is. And we will take the advice and enjoy, we will embrace it!

And now a few every day pictures to help explain this "important" life we live:) You have seen plenty of our exploring, pretty pictures so now a few "every day" phone pictures...

Enjoying a little errand running...

Plenty of naps...

Take embarrassing pictures of one another...

And Facetime lots...

And there ya have it! Hopefully these very grainy pictures gave you a better look in and a good giggle:) 

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!


  1. Well, boo! I can't see any of your pics. Wonder if that's just something on my end... I am so envious of your current lifestyle! And yes, sister. Soak. It. Up. What an awesome opportunity to explore new hobbies, talents, interests, and it is so cool that you guys get to do this as newlyweds. Enjoy every moment!

  2. I LOVED this post!! So much fun to get to know you better ... thanks for sharing a glimpse into your life!! That's fantastic advice to ENJOY it!! What an amazing and blessed season! :) Never feel guilty or "lazy", girl - this is such a rare and beautiful season in your lives!! Sounds like your hubby is working hard & at the same time doing what he loves - that's the BEST!! ....and you've worked very, very hard (my sister is a nurse and I know nursing school is no joke!!) You'll put your nursing skills to use in the future, meanwhile soak up every lit'l bit this exciting season - in Europe! Love it!! Your pictures literally made me laugh at loud!!! {& I'm still smiling as I read this!} Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I felt the exact same way. I went to school, worked, and planned a wedding all at the same time. Once we moved and I didn't have a job, I had no idea what to do with myself. I tried to enjoy it as much as possible because I knew that wouldn't always be the case. That is so great that you guys get to spend so much time together!! Glad you are enjoying this stage of life while you have such freedom!

  4. ENJOY THIS TIME. Soon there will be babies. And maybe work. And chaos. :)

  5. Loved this!! And yes, totally SOAK it all up girl! Enjoy this time :)

  6. Don't worry I still sneak a nap in here and there when my one year old is napping =) It can be done! ha

    I've heard good things about Christmas markets in Germany! It would be fun and different and odd to live overseas for a while. You should definitely enjoy the time you have with just the hubs before you start popping out some babies, you'll crave some quality solo time after that.

  7. I'm not gonna lie...I am totally envious of your stay-at-home wife life right now!


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