Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Menu Roundup

A little goal of mine this past month, was to find a few meals (healthier ones) to add to our meal rotation. You know a few meals that are so tasty and simple that we can add them to the list of our "go-to" meals.

I am happy to report that we tried lots of new recipes this month (which is an accomplishment in itself!), some were perfect and some not so much. A few things to remember...I have to figure out meals that fill up my 6-10 husband which can be a challenge and I wanted to find some recipes that incorporated vegetables because I am awful at getting my veggies in!

So today I am sharing with you the recipes that we thoroughly enjoyed and felt like accomplished both goals well. And hopefully it will help add some new ideas to your weekly menu!

*I am awful at remembering to take pictures of our meals, so all photos are from the original website and recipe (links included). Maybe I can make this a monthly thing and add my own pictures...we shall see.

Baked Chicken Parmesan
I actually made this last night and it was so good! We added ours with a little whole wheat pasta, but if you want to stray from carbs, the chicken would be just great all by itself. Pair with a salad and you have a delicious dinner!

note: I halved this recipe for just the two of us. Also, I had two chicken breasts so I halved each one as the recipe calls for. I thought for chicken parmesan they were still a little too thick, so maybe next time I will pound them a little to thin out a bit more.

Chicken and Asparagus Lemon Stir Fry
Yall, this was so good! We ate this all by itself (and it was very filling) but you could definitely put it on top of rice if you wanted to. This will be made lots tasty and a great way to get some veggies in!

note: I did not use fresh garlic or ginger because I did not have any on hand. Instead, I used the powder/spice version of both and it still tasted great to us. Next time, I will try the fresh stuff just to see the difference.

Mini Turkey Meatloafs
I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I was not even sure if I liked meatloaf! But these were so good and made the perfect little servings. Great for dinner or great to store in the fridge for a quick lunch. For dinner you can pair with a vegetable, like green beans, and maybe even potatoes to have a full and filling meal. This one did not keep Roberto full so much, so this one is more for me and then a great snack or light lunch for the husband;)

Spinach Taco Burgers
We ate ours with lettuce as the bun and some sriracha sauce...a very good combination. It is also a sneaky way to get some veggies in. I am like a little child, I need my veggies hidden!

note: We did not have taco seasoning so I instead used Italian herbs and it was very good. Next time though I will make sure to try with taco seasoning.

Peanut Butter Fruit Dip

We made this 3-ingredient dip one night when we had friends over and it was a hit! Not a meal but a very delicious new found snack. Melissa suggested adding cinnamon as well and I have a huge love for next time that will be added!

And there ya have it! Five new recipes that we will most definitely be making again. I know I am always looking for new ideas (especially healthy ones) so hopefully this will be of help to some of you as well!

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  1. The chicken parm looks SO good!
    Check out my chicken parmesan "meatballs" recipe on my page--it's SO yummy and looks like the mini meatloafs you have on here.

  2. These look soooo great. I love the lemon and asparagus recipe, sounds super tasty!

  3. All of these look so good to try -- especially of course the PB fruit dip :)

  4. I have that lemon chicken and asparagus recipe pinned, glad to hear it was good! Can't wait to try it!

  5. I need to try that Chicken Parm, my hubs LOVES Chicken Parm and I love that this is baked so it's healthier! I have the same issue as you, my hubs is 6'5 and he has a big appetite, while I have a smaller appetite so it can be a challenge finding things that work for both of us!

  6. I have made that PB fruit dip a couple times too, SOOOO good!

  7. These all look delicious! I tried a new recipe recently that I loved... Skillet Pizza. It was so easy, and fast, and really delicious. Here's the link!

  8. I am the same way with veggies - I never get enough and it's best if I just sneak them in somehow. That chicken parm looks yummy! I'm definitely going to have to try that one. And I have a mini Turkey meatloaf recipe that I love too. It's my hubs' fav meal! Glad you found a bunch of new recipes! Trying a new one and not liking it is the worst! Especially if you're putting in a lot of time/effort.

  9. We definitely need to improve on trying out new things! Love the ideas you shared - they look delicious!

  10. Yum! I need to work all of these into my rotation so soon :) I have tried a very similar PB dip and looooved it!

  11. It all looks so delicious! We are trying our hand at meal planning too!


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