Friday, February 6, 2015

Five on Friday / 2.6.15

This hunk has a game tonight! Send all the cheers and good thoughts you've got this way ;)

Roberto and I celebrated the Superbowl last weekend with a Nacho Bar and only the most amazing White Chocolate Covered Popcorn (check out the recipe here). Much less food than we planned (yours truly got a little lazy) but still delicious! We also saw two more Oscar nominations....The Theory of Everything and Grand Budapest Hotel. Both very good and very opposite. P.S. all movies here are in English (except animated) and have Polish subtitles! Which makes us so happy...we love a good date to the movies.

Have you heard of The Influence Conference? It is a christian conference for women hosted once a year and it sounds so neat. One day, I hope to go! Through a little research I found a podcast led by woman involved with the conference and it has been wonderful so far. Sometimes geared more so to mamas, but I have still gotten so much out of it, very inspiring. They interview different women (bloggers, business owners, etc) and pick their brains. It has been the perfect thing to listen to while I workout and very encouraging...I highly recommend it! Search the Influence Podcast in I tunes if you are interested.

I shared more of our Girl's Trip this week! So many pictures and so much love for the city of London. Check it out here.

Man, I just love Jimmy Fallon. He comes out with some of the greatest stuff. If you have not yet, you have got to check out his karaoke sequence with Will Ferrell and (drum roll please)...his skit with the Saved by the Bell Cast! It totally took me down memory lane and I loved it.

So glad you stopped by today and I hope you each have a fabulous weekend! Our few plans, a little couple workout (i'll keep you updated ;)), a movie night and plenty of relaxation!

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. I've had so much fun reading through your London recaps----and daydreaming about taking a trip there with some of my friend's one day! Hehe.

  2. Good luck to your hunk, lady!!! BASKET!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)!

    Loved your London post, it was so fun to read.

    Nacho bar...I need one in my life, stat!

    Happy Friday, lovely!

  3. So much fun here, Bailley!!! A nacho bar, girls trip, and Jimmy Fallon hilarity -- LOVE it!! Cheering on your hubby from here! Have fun watching him win! ;)

  4. Good luck to your hubby!!!
    Did you say nacho bar AND white chocolate popcorn?? Now you've got me drooling! :)
    Loved reading about your London trip--it looked like such a good time! Hope you two have an amazing weekend!!

  5. The SBTB reunion was definitely the highlight of the week!! Loved it! Good luck to your husband tonight!

  6. I'll be keeping your hubby in my prayers! I'm sure he will do awesome! White chocolate covered popcorn, oh my goodness... I love popcorn and chocolate so the two together has to be amazing. I can't wait to try it! Okay, the karaoke battle that Jimmy Fallon did was hilarious! The dirty dancing scene had me rolling...

  7. I am so glad you mentioned the Influence Conference. They hold it here in my city and I have been interested in going but the last 2 years I have been on vacation the exact same week it is held. I'll have to look into that for this year!

  8. Oh my gosh I loved the Will Ferrell lip syncing video.. everything he does is ridiculous and funny! I'm so surprised they have Polish subtitles, that works out perfectly for you guys at the movies! Have a fun weekend and good luck to your hubs in his game!

  9. I've been wanting to see the theory of everything but at this point might just wait for it to come to itunes lol!!! oh jimmy fallon - he really killed it this week!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  10. I didn't realize they had a podcast. A few of the blogs I follow have gone to the Influence conference so I can't wait to check it out. And white chocolate popcorn?? Oh my goodness...two of my favorite things!

  11. A nacho bar and white chocolate popcorn?? YUM! I want to see Theory of Everything, it looks so good! That Saved by the Bell video made my week! Love Jimmy Fallon!!

  12. LOVE it. Nacho bar? Yes. And I'm totally guilty of watching that Saved By The Bell skit more than once already! xx

  13. Girls trips are always a good idea. Jimmy really is the best and SBTB wins all! ;-)

  14. SO many people have mentioned Jimmy in their Friday Five this week! He's the best.Will Ferrell singing Let It Go?! I'll never forget it.

  15. I am obsessed with Jimmy's awesomeness too! Just found your blog on the link up :)

  16. Nachos. A nacho bar? I mean for real though what is better than BUILDING YOUR OWN NACHOS? cute blog found from five on friday linkup! -Lauren @

  17. The Fallon lip syncing segment was hysterical!! Nacho bar sounds yummy, good stuff! Enjoy your weekend!


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