Thursday, February 5, 2015

London / A Different View

London is one of those places you could spend months and months in and never get bored. There is so much to see and do and so many areas to enjoy. I firmly believe that it would be such a fun place to live, at least for a year or two. Think I can convince the husband?;)

On our girl's trip we wanted to explore as much of London as we could. We saw the main sites, enjoyed afternoon tea and a show and the on our last full day (before our Harry Potter Tour) we got lost in Harrods (name the movie!) and enjoyed a boat ride to see London from a different view.

It was a such beautiful day to be on the water. The tour allowed us to see and learn about areas of London we had yet to discover.

We decided to purchase the one way ticket which ended at the amazing Tower Bridge and The Tower of London. Due to time, we did not visit the Tower of London...that just means I will have to return one day. Fine by me!

After we admired the Bridge and made a wifi stop in Starbucks, we stopped and ate at the cutest French restaurant on the water. French food in London? Yes and so good. But you are going to France the next day, right? Yes but we couldn't help ourselves, it was so cute and did I mention, delicious?? Next week, I am going to share all of our London tips, including this can't miss restaurant.

Please, if you find yourself in London visit the beautiful Tower Bridge and maybe even a boat ride. Also, I can't forget Harrods, we would recommended an hour enjoying it's loveliness as well...

After Harrods, make the short walk to Hyde Park and explore your little heart out. We only saw a tiny portion of it so once again an excuse to go back (woo!). Next time London, next time.

This place, well I just cannot say enough good things. It is one of those cities were you are filled with awe the entire time you are there. You are able to explore a new culture that is much like your own and yet so different. It is bustling, packed with places to enjoy and is filled with the perfect mixture of beautiful scenery and city lights. And you are surrounded by the sweetest is quite the experience.

Remember, I have still yet to list all the restaurants you must eat at (I am still dreaming about the most amazing cookie),  jaw-dropping neighborhoods and much more. Us girls put together a list for all of you future London travelers. Come back next week for our tips and we sure have a lot you don't want to miss!

For the rest of our London Trip...

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  1. It looks like such a fun trip! I've never been to London but always wanted to go (my husband has been and said it was awesome). So glad you got to experience it with your girl friends! Love all of the pics :)

  2. Girl these pictures are too gorgeous! WOW! I definitely need to get to London, stat!

  3. Fun! I loved exploring Harrod's too. It is so different from department stores in the states. You definitely have to go back to do the Tower of London though!! It was my favorite thing we did there. Great pictures too lady! xo

  4. Your pictures are gorgeous! It sounds like such an amazing trip. London is on my list to visit but we might be heading to Ireland next time we head to Europe.

  5. Oh these pictures are great!!! I think the London Eye was one of my favorite parts of our trip last summer!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. London is such a gorgeous city! I would definitely enjoy tea time on a rainy afternoon there. Happy Thursday, Bailley :)

  7. All of these pictures are beautiful! I would love to visit London someday!

  8. Oh so pretty! London is one of those places that I just have to go!

  9. Looks like you had such a fantastic girls trip!!! So glad that missing the Tower of London gives you a good excuse to return! ;)

  10. Wow I love your pictures!! London looks like so much fun!


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