Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday

Here our some thoughts of mine this Thursday, basically a random jumble with some very entertaining stories. Read on...

- cannot find them here without seeds. And it was driving me a little nuts. And then...I was in the grocery store yesterday and they had two bags of seedless grapes! Who knew something so small could make me so happy??

- Last weekend, I was emotional, like really emotional. I was a site to see that is for sure. It was just one of those days (or few) that I was just not adjusting to life here in Poland very well. I was focusing on all the difficult things about being in a foreign country...the language barrier, the no car thing, the lack of close friends, of a church, and so on. Basically I was focusing on all the negatives. But then it was a a new day and God granted me peace and the realization that I needed to change my attitude. Because there are so many positives to living over many wonderful opportunities, tons of time with my amazing husband and just the opportunity to dive into a new culture, to learn and to grow as a person and as a couple. So basically I am giving myself grace, knowing that it is ok to have hard days but challenging myself in those hard moments to refocus on all the positives instead. I know I am not the only one who gets emotional right?!

- We went on a double date last night (a positive- having a great Polish couple to hangout with.) to the movies to see Interstellar. Robert and I both really liked it. It is very sci-fi and long, but a good movie.

- I am currently making homemade granola and it smells ah-mazing. Let's hope it taste that way. If it is good, look for a recipe post coming soon!

- Hot tea is my new jam. Isn't it weird how your taste buds change over the years?? I have never liked hot tea before and now I can't get enough.

- I am so excited to put up a Christmas Tree! From what we have been told, you can buy a real one at certain stores here. Sadly, there are no Christmas Tree farms like last year, but real trees and that makes me excited! But I think I am going to have to wait a few more weeks before they start popping up.

- I am trying my hardest to hold out on Christmas Music until after Thanksgiving. Will it happen?? Your guess is as good as mine.

- So I am learning a little Polish, the very basic stuff. I definitely know how to say "I do not speak Polish" in Polish, that is my life saver. But even when I say that, half of the time people will still try saying stuff to me in Polish and I get this awkward I'm so sorry look on my face. I am sure it is pretty entertaining to witness.

- I got to snuggle a baby last weekend. And I know I say this a million times, but man it is the best.

- I made cinnamon rolls from scratch Sunday morning. And they wouldn't cook fully in the middle and looked disastrous. Just one thing that brought on a cry fest (it was the tip of the iceberg- I am crazy I know). Even though they were a little uncooked and hideous, they tasted to die for. Thankfully, Roberto talked some sense into me before I threw them away. Check out the recipe here.

- If you are needing some good podcast/sermons to listen to check out Willow Creek ( Bill Hybels). These were recommended to me by a friend and each one is so great, especially the Simplify series.

- Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who read this space of mine. I cannot tell you how much it means to me and how grateful I am. Y'all are the best.

And because no post is complete without pictures... A throwback Thursday to 2 years ago because I miss these sweet friends of mine!

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends!

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  1. Homemade granola is incredibly addictive. Enjoy!
    I go with an artificial tree so I can put it up whenever and leave it up til….Januaryish?

    Thanks for linking up!
    Kristin :)

  2. The language barrier can really get to you at times I have had many of those cry fest days! How great that you have another couple to hang out with already!

  3. Oh girl, you are totally allowed some sad days!! This is a HUGE life change! Praying for you! And hoping your granola turns out better than the cinnamon rolls :)

  4. So, I think I'm a moron, but I had no idea you moved to Poland. Sending you a hug for being so far away.

    I'm part Polish and want to visit one day! Tell me all the secrets!

  5. Of course you have sad days and emotional days! Totally understandable, you are learning to live in a whole new place and culture! You should see me when things start to pile up and I get overwhelmed, it is not a pretty sight! But glad to hear you are finding joy in the little things, like seedless grapes and real Christmas trees! :)

  6. I can't even imagine how emotional I would be if I were in your shoes! Isn't it funny, looking back, when its always something small like cinnamon rolls, that pushes you over the edge? Praying this weekend is better than the last!

  7. Language barriers alone would make me an emotional wreck. Hang in there, it's soon to get better. Homemade granola and Christmas music are bound to help! (I'm not waiting until after Thanksgiving!)

  8. Homemade granola?! Seriously? I'm impressed! I can imagine you feel overwhelmed living somewhere so new! I'm glad your perspective has changed because what a cool opportunity! I know having people nearby makes things easier--so I'm glad you had people to go on a double date with! I'm always so jealous of real tree people! We have pets so it makes it hard (if you're going "hmm?" our dog will drink anything that resembles water. I'm sure our tree would go up in dry flames in about a week tops) hah!

  9. Homemade granola! I know it will taste as wonderful as it smelled! thanks for linking up!

  10. Oh man me and tea! Let me tell you about it...when I was young I HATED it!! My mom would always offer it and I would gladly refuse without remorse.. now, well, I LOVE IT!

    -Mae @


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