Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

This past weekend we had quite the adventure...we went to a tree farm outside of the city to pick out our first Christmas Tree! We had such a blast, it was a new experience for me and I just loved it. Rob and I agree we have to get a real tree from now on! Ours is pretty little but so far very easy to take care of and honestly has not made a huge mess. The hardest part was stringing the lights on...that is not my favorite. Anyways we had such a great time enjoying the scenery, spending time with friends, freezing our tushes off and hunting for our cute, little tree.


^^^we found our tree!^^^


^^^no, no we are not roasting marshmallows. I am roasting bread!^^^

^^^and it is pretty darn good.^^^

^^^my handsome fella, being all manly and stuff.^^^

Then we were off (to decorate but it did not happen, light malfunction, so a much needed nap instead)! We decorated a couple days ago, you might have already seen a few pictures on my instagram. I will share our Christmas decoration pictures soon, including a few DIY projects (yes the wreath!).


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