Friday, November 7, 2014

This Week's Favorites

Hello ladies and hello Friday!

We have a relaxing weekend ahead of us...a basketball game, probably a movie and possibly horse riding (?), random but fun!

A pretty uneventful week here, but here are a few of my favorites from this week...

Favorite Quote. Still going strong on the current She Reads Truth Study {Hospitality}. A favorite quote from this week...

This is my first study to do with them and the Lord is teaching me in so many ways through it! If you need a free, challenging study, I highly recommend this one!

Favorite Song{and video}. This song is so beautiful in itself and then the video came out. Oh my... stunning. I get chills every single time. 

Favorite Moment. We went to a Handball game one night this week. It is very popular here and I like to describe it as soccer but with your hands. Ha. I am very knowledgeable, if you can't tell. These ladies were tough and so impressive. It was a really fun {and different} night out! Another favorite moment was a weekend trip to Warsaw with my handsome husband, check out this beautiful city here!

Favorite Recipe. Does this not look delicious? It is not very "fall" but I think it would make a great dinner side dish!

Favorite Pin. One of my best friends is coming to visit in December and we are going to meet in London. I seriously cannot contain my excitement! This is a place I have wanted to always visit. So this post was very helpful. But, I need your help too! Have you been to London?? I need all kinds of recommendations! Especially hotels. We are trying to stay on a budget which is pretty hard to do in London. So if you have tips, please share!

I hope you each have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing any and all suggestions!

Happy Friday!



  1. I've been wondering about signing up for She Reads Truth for awhile now. I guess I need to just do it!

  2. Found your blog through the link up! New follower here! :)

  3. Handball is huge in Iceland as well, I still have not been to a game but it is on my list!

  4. I've heard that song in passing but never really listened to it or realized what it was about!! That is awesome, love the video too!!

  5. So! I love LONDON!! I always stay at Grosvenor House (JW marriott), so not cheap, but the Marble Arch property is nearby and it is usually less pricy. I also stayed at the Kensington Close hotel, and it was reasonable and pretty well located too!! They have a TKTS booth in Picadilly - go see Phantom! It's amazing in London!! Go sit on the banks of the Thames at 9-10pm and admire Big Ben... You'll feel like the only person in the world!! Oh and Christmas markets! And art markets outside Hyde Park on Sunday! So many things!

  6. That salad looks delicious and so refreshing! And I love that top quote…I've been reading my daily She Reads Truth emails too!

  7. LOVE me some Carrie...and that song. AHHH! Incredible.
    Loving the hospitality study is convicting me like whoa.

  8. LOL that was my favorite song this week too! It's AMAZING!!

    OMG you are going to London?? So exciting!!

  9. Wow that is an amazing video. I hadn't even heard the song yet.

  10. We just booked our hotel in London for over Thanksgiving and we booked at the Holiday Inn Kensington Forum. It was pretty reasonable and not bad location. The last time I was there I stayed at a Best Western(keeping it classy :)) near Hyde Park that was also reasonable but super tiny. Do you read She in another expat and lives in London and has great recommendations. Have fun!

  11. Ahh London! How exciting!! Love she reads truth... I did a few studies with them a while back and it was really good! You're inspiring me to get back into it! :) Also, Carrie's song... beautiful! Have a great weekend!

  12. OMG! So jealous of your London trip! It's one of the cities I am most dying to visit. And I looove that Carrie song, too! Have fun this weekend!

  13. They keep playing that song on the Christian stations now - I gotta go back up & watch the video now.

  14. I love Carrie! She was hilarious on the CMA's Wednesday!
    New follower :)
    Beardy Heart Beauty

  15. I love that Carrie Underwood song! I am heading to check out the London travel tips now.. it is my number one place I want to visit!


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