Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekend Getaway / Warsaw, Poland

This past weekend we enjoyed a lovely few days in beautiful Warsaw. 

Robert and I really want to take advantage of his days off and travel as much as possible. After their win (!) on Friday, they got the rest of the weekend off...so a weekend getaway it was! Warsaw is the capital of Poland and only 2 1/2 hour train ride away which made for a easy journey.That made this guy very happy...

We really did not know what to expect, but as soon as we arrived we were so pleased. Warsaw is a beautiful and bustling city, it was such a pleasant surprise.

We checked into our hotel (Hotel Intercontinental...one tip? stay here!) and then chatted with the concierge to figure out our day. We first decided to hit the beautiful Łazienki Park. 

The park was about a 40 minute walk from our hotel, which we didn't mind because it was such a great way to see the city AND we stopped at the cutest french bistro (Charlotte) on the way. 

The park was breathtaking and full of every fall color you could imagine. 

We spent the afternoon walking under it's trees and soaking in it's beauty. 

And playing in the leaves!

After our visit to the park, it was time to head to our dinner reservation. The concierge at our hotel set it up for us and honestly we had no idea what to expect. But once again, so pleasantly surprised. We enjoyed our meal and wine in such an elegant ambiance, it was such a treat. If you ever find yourself in Warsaw and want to enjoy a nice dinner, Rozana is a must. After dinner we enjoyed our hotel's beautiful pool and a relaxing evening. 

The next day was spent enjoying their buffet breakfast (Roberto's favorite) and exploring Old Town. 

We had a little more time to enjoy the city before our train left so we headed to Warsaw's biggest mall (Arkadia) and enjoyed a fun afternoon of shopping and eating. 

This trip was so needed...it made me fall more in love with Poland and it's beautiful culture. 

Warsaw, thank you for a beautiful time. 

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  1. I visited Warsaw for a few days this summer. I had no idea what to expect from it and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed being there. Did you see the Chopin statue/memorial? Absolutely beautiful! Also loved the town square. If you ever go back, you HAVE to go to A. Blikle on the main road going into Old Town and try one of their traditional doughnuts!

  2. I am so jealous of all of that beautiful fall color! The temps finally dropped here in Texas, but the leaves haven't turned yet. So I guess I'm going to just have to live vicariously through you... ;) Enjoy all of that delicious food and wine!

  3. Wow, such gorgeous autumn colours and that chocolate spread from the French place looks incredible! mmmm... I've never been to Warsaw but it definitely looks like a nice destination :)
    ~ Marcella

  4. You are making Warsaw look sexy! Hahaha. But seriously, gorgeous photos! I visited Warsaw for the first time myself a couple months ago and am now convinced autumn is the season to see it in! It is definitely an underrated destination. Looking forward to seeing more about your time in Poland :))

  5. WOW - so pretty!! I'm kind of jealous that you are getting to enjoy all the beauty of the fall... because that's definitely missing here in Texas especially today!!

  6. First off I love your jacket! And second, Warsaw looks so pretty with its fall colors!

  7. Yes I love your jacket, too!! Do you remember where you got it from? And how fun that you guys can take weekend trips like this - you really are seeing the world!

  8. Warsaw looks beautiful!! And love that you're rocking the famous blogger scarf! :) :)

  9. Wow! Warsaw is such a lovely and perfect place to go on vacation, especially for a beautiful couple like you. It seems like the experiences you had in there is a foretaste of the paradise in heaven. It’s good that you enjoyed your weekend getaway. Thank you for the gorgeous photos you shared, as well as for sharing your great experience. I hope you guys get to enjoy more lovely getaways like that! Kudos and all the best!

    Lucille Foster @ The George Hotel At Cley


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