Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Stocking Stuffers: For Him and Her

 Once again, I am linking up with some fabulous ladies to share some Christmas gift ideas. Today...Stocking Stuffers!

Stockings have always been one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning. I actually enjoy opening stockings even more than the actual gifts! There is just something so fun and sweet about it.

Growing up, our stockings were the first thing we did in the morning. We always had to wait until each kid was up and by the fireplace and either my mom or dad had the video camera ready to go. But there was always some peeking going on before hand. When we finally opened, there were always so many fun goodies inside and almost always Christmas candy and oranges...the best of both worlds:) I am so grateful for such sweet memories.
So first up, let's talk Stocking Stuffers for Her...

Gloves. I have seen these gloves all over Poland and I think they are perfect! So cute and the fingers can be exposed easily when you need them. I would prefer these over the touch screen ones just because sometimes I need my fingers for a good grip and gloves do not always allow that.
Lipstick. I have mentioned this baby before, but it is that great I will mention it again! It is not as thick and shiny as a lipgloss and not as heavy as a lipstick. It adds the perfect amount of shine and color to your lips, and it comes in a wide variety of colors!
Socks. How cute are these socks?? I always need more socks during the winter time to wear with my boots and why not make them fun??
Journal. You had me at gold polka dots. I like having a journal around, mostly for my devotional time and just to take notes. It is a huge bonus if it is cute!
Target Gift Card. I think anyone would be ecstatic to receive a Target gift card. I know I would...so many possibilities!
Backup Iphone Charger. I cannot tell you how many times I am out and about and my phone dies. It is my fault, I know, but it still frustrates me every time. So this backup charger would be such a welcomed item to the purse.

Now, let's talk Stocking Stuffers for Him!

Beard Envy Kit. Does your man or papa have a beard like mine do?? Well, how fun and hilarious is this?? I think this kit would be great to keep that beard tamed and looking good.
Bluetooth Speaker. I think this speaker would be a great household addition and I know the husband would love it. It is portable, which would make it so easy to use. I see some dance parties happening soon.
Portable Iphone Charger. Roberto's phone dies out in public too! Just not as much as mine. But I know he would be thrilled to get this as well.
Ear Headphones. Ear Phones are used every day around here. And have you noticed that some types are so uncomfortable?? Well, this pair looks comfy and would be perfect to listen to your music, podcasts, etc. 
Amazon Gift Card. You can get almost anything in the world on Amazon. The options are endless!
Socks. The husband loves a good pair of fun and comfy socks. These with little trees on them are so festive, yet not too over the top. It is a pair he would be thrilled to receive for sure.
Notebooks. I think these notebooks are simple yet have a little pop of color. A man always needs a place to keep notes, make lists and these would work great.

Other great ideas?? Candy (and oranges), of course! DVDs, books, hand lotion, lip balm, homemade coupons, keychains and so much more! All great for him or her. What do you plan to stuff in your stocking this year??

Last week I shared my Christmas List. There are some fun ideas if you want to take a peek!

See here.

Now back to Thanksgiving mode! Today's to do...grocery shopping!




  1. These are great ideas! I know we are always thrilled to get gift cards, it's like a little shopping spree!

  2. Ok...I thought my sister and I were the only one to get oranges in our stockings! I even mentioned it in my post today! Love your list! Yes to all the Target giftcards!

  3. The glove-mittens (glittens) are my favorite! My husband makes fun of me all the time for wearing them lol.
    Love the ideas for the guy stocking stuffer. Sometimes they are super hard to shop for.

  4. Ok, I really need one of those backup chargers and I think my hubby would get a kick out of that beard kit!

  5. stopping over from the link up! i have a backup charger on my list too! everyone needs one!!! my phone is forever dying!!

  6. Love that journal! I need to put that on my wish list!


  7. Gold + polka dots = perfection!
    Believe it or not I just picked up a gold polka dot shirt last night from Walmart - yes, Walmart! for $10
    Cannot wait to wear it!



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