Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekending / The Holidays + A Fire

This weekend was such a good one. We stuck to our plan and are now all decorated for Christmas over here! The tree is trimmed, the stockings are hung and Christmas movies are being played non-stop. My heart is so happy!

But do not worry, we are not skipping over Thanksgiving! 

Obviously, they do not celebrate Thanksgiving over here but that does not mean we are passing it by, no way. We are having the Americans from the team over and I plan on going all out. Here's to hoping it turns out delicious! As I mentioned before, whole turkeys are no where to be found here, but whole chickens sure are...

This was my first time to deal with a whole chicken and I totally acted like a little girl, if you can't tell from the picture. I mean you could see where the head was cut off?! 

I was not meant for this. 

Not only was I acting like a 5 year old but I also started a fire. Yes, a legit fire. As Roberto and I took the chicken out to check it's temp, quite a few of it's juices poured into the bottom of the oven. Which we didn't really thinks twice about. Well, that was a bad idea. We closed the oven door while we checked the temp, then all of the sudden we heard a loud swoosh. It took about 2 seconds for us to look in the oven and see a fire. Here is how the next minute went..

Robert: It's a fire!
Bailley: Where is the fire extinguisher?!!
Robert: We don't have one!
*Bailley continues to run frantically around the apartment looking for non-existent fire extinguisher*
Bailley: What do we do?!!
Robert: Do not open the oven. With no air it should go out on it's own.
*Mr. Cool, Calm and Collected over here, while I am still running frantically around the kitchen freaking out*
Bailley: Uh. Ahh. What?? Ahh. Uhhhhh.
Robert: It's out!
*Bailley cools her jets*

Whew that was quite the few minutes. What we learned...

1. Find unknown fire extinguisher in apartment building
2. Learn Polish emergency number
3. Robert is the three C's under pressure...and Bailley freaks out.

What a day! It sure is fun making these sweet and crazy memories with that Mr. of mine. 
The next few days I will be prepping and shopping for our real Thanksgiving meal. Wish me luck and pray for zero flames.

Our day ended with my mama's taco soup (recipe to come!), elf and cuddles by the light of the tree.

I would call that a successful weekend!

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  1. Your tree is beautiful and that's exciting you'll be having thanksgiving with your team!

    My husband sounds like yours, with the three Cs, and I sound like you "OH MY GOSH WHAT IS HAPPENING"!

    Glad you it ended well, though!

  2. I caved and decorated for Christmas this weekend too!

    Glad the fire was not more serious! Kitchen mishaps can be some of the funniest stories to tell later. :)

  3. OMG - I would've freaked out about the fire. LOL. I'm glad it wasn't anything too serious. I love all your pictures!

    trish - tales from ...

  4. Your tree is so pretty!
    I am not meant for cooking whole chickens either. Ew! I would have been the total girl right there with you lol.
    And yes, total freak out over the fire! Eeek! Glad it was ok!

  5. Your tree is beautiful! Glad the fire wasn't worse, and good luck with the rest of the cooking!!

  6. Beautiful tree!! That is so scary about the fire! I would have been freaking out, same as you, and Adam would have been the calm one who knew exactly what to do. :) I get grossed out by raw meat too, especially chicken!

  7. You've got me cracking up over here with your fire shenanigans! We actually had the same thing happen on Thanksgiving a few years ago, luckily it wasn't too crazy. We did open the door, but we poured baking soda on it and that seemed to work too. I remember that the turkey was a little crispier that year... =)

  8. First of all, after reading the fire incident, I'm literally over here crying from laughing so hard. I would have reacted the exact same way! lol.
    Secondly, your tree is beautiful! Decorating for Christmas is one of my most favorite things to do. It just gets you in the Holiday spirit. :)

  9. Beautiful tree!! And I totally would have freaked out, too - I don't blame you! :)

  10. The tree looks GREAT girl, love the colors of the ornaments, so sparkly and pretty

    Showered With Design

  11. Glad the fire didn't turn out to be anything bigger! And your tree looks fantastic!

  12. Just curious, what camera do you use? Your photos are gorgeous!

  13. Love the tree! And y'all sound just like me and my husband! He always handles things so calmly and I freak out! Good luck on your meal!


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