Thursday, December 12, 2013

One Ornament down...

We had such a fun time decorating our little Christmas tree! Of course I had to document:) We cut down our tree at the tree farm (more on that here), bought some very cheap colorful ball ornaments and each picked out an ornament to go on the tree! It was so fun to decorate our tree together, we are really loving all these "firsts" we get to do as a married couple. And hey we have only broken one ornament so far!

^^^yes, you see that right...Robert is taller than the tree^^^

^^^Our attempt at the self timer^^^

Christmas is such a joyous time. There is so much fun and many memories to be made.Tree decorating, Christmas lights, Christmas music, all should be enjoyed to the fullest! But (and I always have remind myself)  it all takes the back seat to our King and Savior and His birth. And man is it hard sometimes to put that first! It is so easy to get caught up in everything else. But I remember that is why Christmas is full of so much JOY. It is because of Christ and the love, grace and joy He brings! Glory to the new born King! For Him I am grateful. So I hope you all are enjoying this Christmas season! I hope you are having a blast decorating, spending time with family, eating Christmas goodies and celebrating our King!


  1. Y'all are the cutest. LOVE all the pics and the tree!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS! Glory to our KING! :)

  2. I love your sweet little tree!!


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