Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Gifts for the Man in your Life

Sometimes shopping for the man in your life is not so easy. But with the help of Rob, some online browsing and store browsing I have found a few items that I think would be great for your special someone!

One: A scarf. I bought Rob a very similar one to this at a store here downtown and he loved it (we did a few gifts early this year due to the chilly weather)! The one pictured is from Nordstrom and there are tons of other good looking options out there, any department store will have tons of varieties.

Two: Zip Up Sweater. I think these sweaters are so handsome and look great on. Robert is a big fan as well...you can dress it up with a plaid collar shirt underneath and khakis or go a little more casual with a plain color tee under and jeans. This one from L.L. Bean looks great and they have tall sizes which is a must for Roberto. Once again tons of stores are carrying these...very easy to find!

Three: Board Game. One of our favorite things to do as a couple is play board games. We especially love Settlers of Catan. Buy a game that fits you as a couple...one you know you would have a blast with. This present is sure to promise a good time!

Four: Fun Socks. This was a suggestions and personal request from the husband. He wanted some fun socks so I was on the hunt! I found these at a department store here in Nuremberg. I also got him this pair...fun but not too crazy!

Five: Multi Tool. This is a gift I actually got Rob for his birthday back in August. It was a want of his and it has been so useful (and fun) to him. His is a Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool. He says it's one of the best gifts he has ever gotten...oh boys and there toys:) 

Six: Beanie. I got this beanie from North Face for Robert and it fits great! He also says it comfortable. Beanies are a great gift...it will keep your man warm and stylin'.

Seven: Key Chain. This is a fun and sentimental gift. I thought it was such a sweet idea from this great Etsy Shop.

Eight: Camcorder. This is an investment gift but so worth it. We received one similar to this Sony one as a wedding gift and it has been so amazing to have. Not only do I love it but Rob thinks it is soo great, he probably uses it more than I do! Such a fun gift and one that will capture precious memories!

More...Don't forget about other fun things like Movies, tickets to one of his favorite events, magazine subscription, cologne, ect. And last but not least create a gift for him! Yes buying him things is wonderful but also try the DIY route! Make a coupon book, write letters to him, a book of pictures, a jar of memories (put a memory on slips of paper...360 (memories and slips of paper)...from the past year. Now he can read a memory a day for the next year!), any gift you make will be the perfect gift for the man in your life. 

Happy Shopping or Creating! 
Have fun!

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  1. Love your Christmas board, esp. Settlers of Catan!! That is definitely a favorite in our house :)


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