Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Italian Adventure: A Must Do

We took our Italian Adventure back in May. When Roberto and I reflect back on this trip, there are so many wonderful memories that surface {we fell hard in love with this country}. There is one night while in Tuscany that neither of us will ever forget. It was just one of those nights, the kind that sticks with you forever...beautiful weather, amazing wine, perfect food, great company, incredible scenery... 

{the seven towers you see, is the town of San Gimignano. too cool}

We made reservations for a wine tour, tasting and dinner at Fattoria Poggio Alloro. It is an Agriturismo surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan hills, right outside of San Gimignano. We did  not stay here, but they do have rooms available that the guests spoke very highly of. There is also a farm {which provides fresh and delicious meals}, a wine cellar and beautiful scenery everywhere you look. 

I am raving on about this place because I am convinced it is a must for your Italian Adventure!

{the husband looking all handsome and stuff.}

We arrived in the late afternoon and started out with the Wine Cellar tour followed by a tour of the farm. This was too neat in itself and then the evening just continued to get better. We next were seated at a quiet table outside surrounded by rolling hills and then enjoyed our wine tasting. 

 {yall. this was goat cheese...out of this world. }

We had the best time enjoying each others company, savoring every bite and sip and marveling at the beauty around us. 

After our tasting, it was time for dinner with the other guests. The food...oh my word. It is so hard to describe how delicious this food was. We both agreed it was the best meal of our life and that is no exaggeration. We sat for 3 hours as we received course after course and enjoyed lovely conversation with some incredible couples. 

As we finished up dinner and conversations, we headed out to the crisp night air full of gratitude. Grateful for full tummies and full hearts. It was an experience we will treasure forever. 

To check out the rest of our Italy trip, click below. 



  1. This sounds like THE perfect night! Now I must plan a trip to Italy just to stop here :)

  2. I love this part of Italy and had we not settled for our new life in France this would have been where we would have gone. We had planned to go to San Gimignano when we were last in Italy but due to a VERY annoying person on the bus who went there we changed our plans and went to Siena instead. One day we will make it back! #TravelTuesday

  3. That is not the same man in the basketball interview! I mean, I know it is, but it's amazing how facial hair (or the lack of) can change a man's appearance.

    Great Pictures. Great Scenery. Beautiful Couple.

  4. That sounds delightful! We had a similar experience in the champagne caves of France and a gorgeous chateau stay, which reminds me that I should share that experience soon! Definitely marking this for when we travel to Italy!

  5. Oh. Em. Gee. This all makes me SO HUNGRY and so homesick for Italy!!

  6. Wow! That DOES sounds lovely! I must admit, Italy is not high up on travel-to bucket list but you may have changed my mind with all of your talk of wine and good food among beautiful countryside:)


  7. Wow!!! What an incredibly beautiful place!

  8. It looks awesome!! I can't wait until we do our first wine tour, wherever it is.

    diana | life in German.

  9. So beautiful! I LOVE wine tours/tastings...they are always so much fun!


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