Friday, October 31, 2014

A New Home {Five on Friday}

I unintentionally took a little blogging break this week, but I am glad I did, as it was very needed.

Moving, well you know, moving can hit you hard. You are tired, you are excited, your are very emotional{well this girl is} and a lot of "new" is thrown at you all at once. So this week I have had some productive days and then some very lazy and emotionally hard days.

But I am slowly getting into the groove of things and man that husband of mine, to be with him?? Fills my heart with so much joy and makes the difficulties of moving fade away.

And now Friday is here and that is exciting in itself! Roberto has a game tonight and it will be the first one I attend...woo! And then there is a possibility of a little traveling this weekend, which just makes me giddy!

But before we get on with this Halloween (!) weekend, a little Friday catch up and randomness to fill you with...

Last night we had one of Robert's teammates and friend over for dinner and we just had the best time! Bananagrams {such a fun game}, a pasta dish and homemade funfetti cupcakes {you have to get creative here in Poland sans box mix}. Inviting others into our home is something I am trying to get better at. It brings me so much joy to do so, but it seems like so much of the time I do not do it because I feel too much pressure. What will I cook? What will we talk about? Is my house clean enough? Anyone else? BUT my heart is slowly changing. Thanks to the She Reads Truth Hospitality Plan I am learning to view hospitality the way Jesus did/does. It is not about perfection at all.

Thank you for all your TV/movie/book suggestions from last week! It was so helpful. Currently I have added these to my list... I want to try Homeland and/or House of Cards for a new tv series {I think those could be ones the husband and I would both like}. And for books I have added Unbroken, The Husband's Secret, Bread and Wine, The Power of a Woman's Words, The Best Yes, Highly Happy Marriages {with Rob}and The gift of Imperfection. Whew! That will take me a while, but excited to read lots in the coming months! And thank you all for help!

We got out and explored a little this week! Lublin is a pretty big city, it has it's Old Town which is quaint and filled with restaurants and then the rest of the city is just what you would imagine a city to be. Not as much to do here as there was in Nuremberg last year. So we will have to get a little more creative with our time! We did see a movie on Sunday at the theatre and it was wonderful...a little slice of home. We would highly recommend Fury!

{exploring equals kebabs...Roberto's fav}

I married into a KC Royal loving family. So am I the best Royals fan? Sadly, no. But you bet we watched them play this week, cheering our little hearts out! We thought our shirts from Mama Lew would bring them Good 6, yes! Game 7, not so much.

We do not have a car here so I am learning the public transportation ropes! Aka the bus. Roberto has it down, and I took it all by myself the other day. I am such a big girl :) Slowly but surely I will get it down. Right now I am just rejoicing in the fact that I have not gotten lost!

If you got through all that, I am sending you a big Polish hug!
Happy Friday, friends! And Happy Halloween! Enjoy all the candy and have the best weekend.

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  1. Looks like you are settling in nicely! Hope all is well. Enjoy your next adventure. Can't wait to follow along! :)

  2. Sorry the Royals lost, I was cheering for them! I'm Polish tooooooo!

  3. Moving is definitely emotional! Sounds like you guys are settling in nicely though and how nice to have built in friends through Robert's teammates. Love the funfetti cupcakes! Happy Friday!

  4. As a girl who doesn't have a car in the city either - public transport is the best!! Have a great weekend!

  5. What an exciting new adventure for you two!!

  6. It sounds like you're doing so great with the move! It is emotional, especially going so far away, but it sounds like you're making the most of it! Have a fun weekend!

  7. Looks like fun and you're learning the ropes quickly. It's so nice that with each move you have to make, you at least have your hubby's teammates as almost instant friends!!!

  8. Eric was super bummed the Royals lost as well. He's a huge Red Sox fan (so last year was a good year!) but knowing how badly they did this year, he was totally rooting for the Royals!
    I want to add Homeland to our list of shows to watch as well! Is it on Netflix?
    Enjoy your exploring! I'm sure this will feel like home before you know it!

  9. No car here either. Make sure you download Uber if you haven't already... it's a lifesaver!

  10. Whew! You go giel! Sounds so busy but so fun! That picture alone of the cupcakes makes me want to eat my screen! Happy weekend to ya'll and happy Halloween!! xoxo

  11. Your cupcakes look so pretty!!! Funfetti is the best!


  12. I know exactly what you mean about entertaining, I absolutely love it but I hardly ever invite people for the exact same reason- I feel like everything has to be perfect and spotless, which is so not true! Those cupcakes looks yummy! Have a great weekend!

  13. Sounds like you guys are having a great time so far, even with a little emotion here and there. But hey, that's what makes life more interesting right? Just keep eating cupcakes and telling yourself that... Haha! ;)

  14. Girl, I would be so emotional too! You rock for settling in so well :) What an exciting adventure to get to live in all these different places though!

  15. I have the same feelings as you about entertaining! I'm trying to overcome those fears and thoughts and do it more often though as well :) also, homeland is a really great show - my fiance and I both love it. I also hear House of Cards is really good but we haven't gotten to it yet!

    Carly xo

  16. Glad you are getting settled, friend!!! I am sure it's a huge change!! Enjoy it though!! Adventures all around!!

  17. I seriously love bananagrams! It is so fun!!


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