Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Favorite Finds: Target Edition

So over the past couple of weeks I have spent way too much time at Target. Way too much. 

But I have a good reason...I will be Target-less for the next seven months *cue gasps*. 

I will be honest and say that is the one store I miss so much while being overseas, the convenience and the "cuteness" of that place has provided hours of entertainment for me. 

So in my recent trips, I have found some favorite finds that I think you will love!

The Pinterest Scarf. This is all over my Pinterest and I was so excited to find a very similar one at Target and for a great price! Seriously, so perfect for fall and winter.{I can't find the exact one online, but it is in stores!}

Gel Nail Polish. This Sally Hanson Miracle Gel Polish is the It is gel but does not require a lamp! It lasted over a week for me before chipping a tiny bit. Which over a week is really great for me because polish on my fingers only last about 2 days normally. The color below is Pretty Piggy and I also bought Red Eye along with the Top Coat. 

$1 Stationary. The $1 section is killing it right now. They have a ton of cute stationary options and I mean a ton. Gold, coral and washi tape? I will be writing lots if snail mail this year.

Socks. A little boring, but they have lots of fun options to wear with your boots this year.

Wrinkle Free! My friend Ellie had this Conair Steamer and after I used it, I knew I had to have one! It is portable, so easy to use and gets rid of all those wrinkles! I, my opinion it is better than an iron and way more convenient.

And there ya have it, some Target favs right now. Happy Wednesday, friends!!

*This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.*


  1. I spend WAY too much time and money at Target, too! The place is like a black hole. Loving the scarf and the gel polish... going to look for both of them this week :)

  2. I lurve me some Target! I am actually headed there today! I totally would snag that scarf if I hadn't already ordered a very similar one from Groopdealz. Now I have to attempt to wait patiently while it ships - boo! I, too, love those socks! I bought several pairs last year, and plan on restocking soon. I'm a sucker for a cute printed sock. And, if I don't come home with gel polish and some of that super cute stationary today, I will be a sad mama.

  3. Ok, I need to find that scarf at my local Target ASAP! It looks JUST Like the Zara one! And all of that stationary is soooo pretty! I need a steamer in my life too... so bad!

    <3, Pamela

  4. Target really is the best!! Love that place!

  5. I think missing Target would be one of my least favorite aspects of living abroad! haha Love that scarf! I'll have to try that nail polish, I can't stand putting in all the effort to paint them and then they chip immediately!

  6. Love the scarf! I could waste WAY too much time in there.

  7. I'm always buying socks at Target :)
    I need to get that gel nail polish

  8. I've been thinking about getting a steamer because ironing is the death of me!! Oh and I got that scarf… L O V E!! xo

  9. Oh my goodness, no Target for seven months?? You are a stronger woman than I! :) I don't blame you at all for stocking up on Target cuteness while you can!

  10. I love that scarf!!! Oh thanks for the steamer rec! I have one and it doesn't work that well!

  11. i just got this scarf tonight for our engagement photos! so excited!!!

  12. That scarf is so fabulous and I love that stationary!

  13. Omg that scarf. Really. I need it. & the stationary.. I really can't even. I'm hard pressed to think of many better things than the Target $1 section. Forever killin' it.

    Great finds, girl!


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