Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I Will Rise and Sing

I am so excited to be linking up with Martha Kate and Jenni for Wednesday's Words. This is such a wonderful idea and such a great opportunity to reflect on His goodness on our little spaces of the web. 

So, today I want to share a song that a good friend played for me. You might have already heard is just too good!

"I won't fear what tomorrow brings. With each morning I'll rise and sing. My God's love will lead me through. You are the peace in my troubled sea."
 I love the {above} line in this song...each morning no matter the circumstance I will rise and sing, I can be full of joy! It is because of God's abundant and magnificent love for me that I can do so. Will I have hard days? Heck yes. But my God will lead me through...He brings me peace in every calm and in every storm. Because of Him, I do not fear for he brings me peace, joy and comfort.

I hope this song brings you JOY today! Happy Wednesday, friends!

Seasons with the Strattons


  1. Love love love this Bailley! Such a great reminder. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Oh I love this song! The words and the music are awesome!

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing this today!

  4. YES!! This is so great! And that's one of my favorite songs!
    Thanks for linking up with us today!
    Happy Wednesday!


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