Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mama in Germany & Thankful Thursday

Today I am linking up with the wonderful Kristal, Katie, Mia and Carly for Thankful Thursday! I love that they are hosting such a special link up, what's better than focusing on what we are grateful for?? 

For my Thankful Thursday, I thought I would go ahead and recap my mama's visit. Because man, I am so thankful for her and that time with her. She visited a couple of weeks ago and we had so much fun. It was so nice to spend lots of quality time with her, I just missed her so much!

My mom got here Friday afternoon, and I am not going to lie, tears were shed at the airport. I'm such a mama's girl! That night we walked all around downtown and ate some German food- which Marcia did not like. I definitely saw that one coming:)

 There are great gelato shops everywhere here. You can get a cone or you can get a huge treat like the one above. We all decided to share and it was pretty great. On Saturday Rob had an away game so my mom and I spent the day downtown walking, talking and shopping...a perfect girl's day!

On Sunday, we went to Dachau Concentration Camp outside of Munich. We had been before and as always it is a moving and very sad experience. It really opens your eyes and your heart to an unfathomable pain. We did a tour and learned so much. 

After our tour, we then drove into Munich to eat at the famous, Hofbrauhaus and then luckily after dinner we stumbled upon the surfers! This is so neat. I mentioned this before when Holli, Ellie and I were in Munich but there are people surfing right in the middle of town on this river. It is wayy cool.

Monday we enjoyed a relaxing day and then Tuesday, my mom and I headed to Prague! Yes, this is my third time this year- but that shows how much I love it there! A place that is a must see when in Europe. It is such a great night trip to take visitors as it is only 3 hours away from us and it's beauty is indescribable. 

 It was a little rainy the whole time we were there and it was just so pretty. I love how the water reflects off the cobblestone in this picture...

my pretty mama striking a pose on the prettiest street:)

 Because of the rain, I hardly pulled my camera out. But finally for a few pictures I did...

A view of the beautiful Charles Bridge. And then after a little walk, my mama and I on Charles Bridge. It is just spectacular. 

The changing of the guards up at Prague Castle, it is very neat...

 We toured Prague Castle, which is spectacular, and it gives you this incredible view (back to the phone pics)...

And crepes, oh crepes, how I love you. 

We headed back to Nuremberg on Wednesday afternoon and met Rob that night for a delicious burger (we found the best burger place here, yay!). The next day was a very relaxing day, we were tired from all the walking we did in Prague. Then that night, my mom and I went to see Grease the Musical (part of my March goals) and it was so great! 

They did such a great job! The company is touring all around Germany. The speaking parts were in German and the songs in English, it was so fun!

With the couple days we had left with my mom we went on a fabulous bike ride, enjoyed downtown some more and soaked in our time together. 

My husband being all adventurous...

so grateful for this woman, the best mom a girl could ask for. 

 Spring is here ladies and gents!

Her last night here was spent at the basketball game! Mamasita, we are so glad you could come and see us. We had such a wonderful time and loved getting you all to ourselves! 

Don't forget to link up for Thankful Thursday! What are you thankful for today? 

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  1. I am so happy you linked up with us today & that I found your blog, I can't wait to read along with your new posts! I went to Germany in high school (which seems like a thousand years ago now haha) and also visited Dachau-- you summed it up so well, such a difficult place to see, but you can learn so much!

    All of the food pictures look delicious! Especially that gelato! Sounds/looks like an amazing time visiting with your mom! You guys look so much alike!

  2. Gorgeous photos!!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I especially love the photo of you and your mom before the musical! You both need to tell us your makeup routines! That would be a fun post! :)

  3. Thank you so much for joining up with us, and I'm glad to find your blog! Can I just say you and your mama are so stinkin' pretty, I love it! I'm super close to my mom too, makes me miss her. What a sweet post :)

  4. What an awesome visit!! I don't mean to be a broken record, but you & your momma are gorgeous!! I love that pic of Robert being adventurous. Wild guy :) I'm so glad you linked up with us!!

  5. Your mom looks so young! I totally thought she was like your best friend or something! haha! Too funny! And yes, mom's are great! :)

  6. You and your mom both look SO gorgeous!! What are your guys' secrets?!?! :)
    Glad you had a good time with her! I'm so jealous of all the things that you guys got to do together!

  7. Loving the spring blooms in that picture :)

  8. Mom time is the best! Looks like you had a great time :) btw your mom looks great! I totally thought that was your sister ;)

  9. Looks like a lovely time with your mom. As always, beautiful pictures!

  10. I love love love Prague! I've only been once and it was for 2 days (and that was 8 years ago...) but no place has ever topped it in my heart! Beautiful, I'm trying to convince my husband we need to go. Maybe I'll show him these pictures to help the persuasion ;) So fun everything you got to share with your mom!

  11. That's your mom? She looks so young!!!!
    What beautiful pictures!
    & now, I want one of the worlds largest pretzels!!!!! YUM!!!!

  12. LOVE this! You and your mom are both gorgeous! So happy you had such a great time together! And that giant pretzel.. oh my gosh, it looks SO good!


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