Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Goals

Last month, I started blogging a few goals for each month. And I am so glad I did! Because I had them out in the open, it held me more accountable to accomplish each one. 

So first off let's do a recap of my March goals...

1. Quiet Time Daily- I wish I could say I was perfect with this one, but I definitely missed a few days. I did finish my Wife After God bible study and just truly learned so much from it. I highly recommend it. It was so great to be in the word every day (almost) this past month and I, of course am going to make this a continuous goal of mine, like it really has always been. There is not much that is more important!

2. Be a Healthier Me- This month was my best month by far in a long time! So I would say I accomplished this goal! BUT I know I can be better. I cut out diet cokes completely and plan to leave them out for good. Most of the time I treated treats as treats but some days did not. So I am happy with the improvement I made but know there is always room for more! So this as well, will be a continually goal of mine- a life goal.

3. Finish Planning our Italy Trip- ALL of our hotels our booked!! Accomplished!

4. Go See Grease the Musical- When my mom visited, we had such a fun girl's night and saw the musical. We are so glad we went and it was such a blast! The music was in English and the speaking parts in German, but surprisingly we kept up!

5. Go on more Walks with Roberto- We did! It truly is one of my favorite things to do with my husband. Love the time with him in the outdoors.

Now onto...

1. Go on a picnic with Roberto- or two!  We went on a picnic last fall and it was wonderful! There are so many places here to go out and enjoy the weather and sit and relax on blanket, especially since the weather is warming up!

2. Read Five Love Languages with Rob- we started this book before we were married but through all the craziness never finished it. So this is the month!

3. No Fried Foods- just another step to a healthier me- I am sure I will make a goal like this each month. This goal will not be forever (I love my fries too much!) but eliminating them this month will be great for my health, for sure!

4. Read Lonely Planet Italy books- that way I am fully prepared for our trip! I need to learn exactly what we should see, good restaurants, secret tips, ect.

5. Go to a Soccer Game- Rob and I have been meaning to go to a soccer, well futbol, game here for some time. This month we promised each other we would make it happen! It is by far the most popular sport here and I know it will be a blast to go to.

And there ya have it! Ready for April and all it has to bring. 

What are some of your goals for this month?


  1. I love the idea of monthly goals! I was just thinking the other day that I'd better write some things down or I won't accomplish anything! It all gets scrambled up in my brain,and then I'm like, "What the heck did I even do last month?"

  2. I'm already excited to see the recap pictures of your Italy trip! Ha--sounds SO fun!

  3. Great goals! Maybe once you are through reading the Love Languages book, you could do a book review on here. I agree with you, fries are just too good!

  4. Can't wait to hear about Grease! One of my all time favorite movies. I love having quiet time daily. I usually do it right before bed and I read my devotional, some of the bible and then of course prayer time.

  5. Oh the Five Love Languages is so good!! Robert & I haven't been on a picnic in awhile. I guess we did a family picnic last fall on an incredibly nice day & it was SO much fun!! I think I need to steal this goal :)

  6. Ooh I want to read Five Love Languages too! How exciting about your Italy trip. I absolutely loved Italy such a gorgeous place.

  7. Love these goals. So motivational! We are dying to go to a soccer match while we're living in Europe as well.

  8. All great goals. I should do this to stay on track!

  9. Awesome goals! And I love that you're checking yourself monthly. Much easier to see your progress! :) You go, girl!

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