Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello Monday!

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! A little bit about what has been going on here in Nuremberg...

+Rob had an away game on Saturday (7 hours away to be exact). So that meant he left early Friday morning and didnt get back until early Sunday morning. Two nights by myself?! What would I do?? But it was great! I did some shopping,  watched many girly (aka Hallmark) movies, worked on some future blog posts and worked on my wreath (almost finished)! But more importantly the team won! Rob had a great game, 17 points, wahoo! I am so very proud of him and the team...keep up the good work boys! You can keep up with there schedule and scores here!

+We have been going downtown a lot. It is the perfect place to go to walk around, maybe grab dinner, always a dessert, enjoy the scenery and people watch! We also have done some shopping...together. Sometimes it goes great and others times not so much. See I am the person that likes to spend hours just walking around and browsing. No specefic agenda. Rob on the other hand needs a plan..."we are going for this and how quick can we find it??" So when we go shopping together...sometimes not the best experience:) BUT we are learning to respect each others needs and to compromise. I tell ya, marriage teaches us new lessons every day!

+We are having a great time getting to know some wonderful  friends here. A couple of weeks ago
I was able to go to an away game with some other player girlfriends/wives, we  went out for a fun night last week, fun thanksgiving plans and we are going to get a tree with a sweet family next week! Thankful for all these people and for their efforts to get to know us.  

Nothing too crazy going on here, just living life, enjoying being married and learning lots along the way:)

Christmas windows out in full force...beautiful!

Rob getting artsy with the iphone:)

 Roberto is all clean shaven, no more grizzly man, bittersweet day:)

Happy Monday! And Happy Thanksgiving much to be thankful for!



  1. Happy Monday and happy Thanksgiving week to you too, sweet girlie!!! Love how you rocked it by yourself while your man was gone...cheers to that!!! I am such a worrier when Mark leaves. But it's something I felt like I conquered when he comes home :)
    Cheers to that!

  2. I could spend all weekend watching Hallmark movies! Does he play in different countries for his games? Your downtown looks like the perfect place to spend a day wondering around.

  3. I hate it whenever my Hubby has to go away on business, so here's to you making the most of it! And your downtown looks beautiful!


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