Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Weekend!

 The weekend has arrived...yay!!

Our plans for this weekend...

+basketball game!
+strolling through downtown- a little window shopping
+hopefully a day trip tomorrow to a town nearby!
+listening to Christmas music (that is right!). Rob, the man who usually refuses anything Christmas until after Thanksgiving, is being so great and "enjoying" it with me:) I just love it!
+and relaxing of course!

Moving on.. here is a recap of pictures, from my phone, over the past couple of weeks! 

 Pulled out our winter gear!
 Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Thor in 3D

A few grocery stores have an "American" section and pop tarts are always part of the selection as well as marshmallows, syrup...all the "good" stuff:) And it doesn't come cheap! 7 euros for a small box of pop tarts, that is close to $10...crazyy! (Don't worry we didn't buy any, close call though)

 Farmers Market, Mexican food fix, Christmas decorations, facetime & Robert...a few of my favorite things!

Now I am off to watch the husband play! Happy Weekend!


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