Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cinderella's Castle

Robert had a day off the other day and we took advantage! About 3 hours away is Neuschwanstein Castle. And it is incredible! Totally worth the drive. It was built for King Ludwig in the 1800s and it is extravagant. So many details and it was actually the inspiration for Cinderella's Castle...which I though was so neat! We bought tickets in town, took about a 45 min walk up (with food stops on the way), and then a tour guide led our group through the inside of the castle. I have never seen anything like it, such amazing intricate details. Pictures were not allowed inside but I took plenty of the outside! I could not imagine having this view from my window...such beautiful creation!

My grizzly man:)

It was a rainy, foggy, bad hair, beautiful day:)

After our castle tour we went to Fussen, a very cute town about 5 min away. We walked around, ate dinner and enjoyed a little snowfall (still none here in Nuremberg, snow we are ready for ya!)

Beautiful candy shop (with some incredible truffles) and our first Christmas purchase! Santa with a pretzel?! How great is that? We were SUPER excited.

At the end of the day we ate a delicious dinner, warm light surrounding us and snow falling was magical. Snow makes everything magical, doesn't it?? (I am just a little dramatic) Anyways it was a great day and the perfect little getaway!



  1. What camera do y'all have? It takes awesome pictures! We are trying to find one to buy since ours... Died :(

  2. so fun!!! i love visiting that when I was there! I love your life!

  3. How gorgeous! So lucky to have that as a day trip. Europe seems so enchanting!

  4. This is amazing! So beautiful! And I agree with you, totally magical :) I'm still waiting for snow here in Chicago, too!

  5. This castle is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've never been anywhere, but I definitely want to add this castle to my worldly Bucket List!


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