Friday, November 22, 2013

Five on Friday
I recently found the  Hello Happiness Blog and The Good Life Blog...I am just loving their posts and have so much fun reading what they write! They have been hosting a fabulous link up along with two other amazing blogs A. Liz Adventures and Carolina Charm. So I am linking up along with lots others for a series called Five on Friday! Every Friday I will do a post about five things...anything, random things, just whatever is on my mind! So here we go my first Five on Friday and my first blog link up...

One. Our First Thanksgiving
We are celebrating our first Thanksgiving as a married couple and I am scared! My goal is to make a turkey...duh, duh, duh. There is no way mine will look like the one above from the wonderful Poineer Woman (i can only hope) but I think I will try to follow her directions. Wish me luck!

Two. Anthropologie Knock off Wreath
I am in the process of trying to make this beautiful wreath! I am really not much of a "crafter"...but it is going pretty good so far! I am following this tutorial from Between You and Me Blog. She gives great step-by-step directions and it is really pretty easy. I am hoping to finish this weekend and will share my finished project!

Three. Best Friends in Germany
I. Am. SO. Excited. In just a few short weeks a few of my wonderful best friends will be making there way to good ole Germany and I can't wait! Abby before Christmas and then Holli and Ellie after...hurry and get here ladies!

Four. Paris
Speaking of Christmas...Rob and I have decided to go to Paris over the holiday! It is only 7 hours away from where we live, which is still crazy and unbelievable to me. He has some days off over Christmas so we figure we HAVE to take advantage. I am in planning mode right now, we will be there for 3 nights/four days. I know we cannot see the whole city by any means so trying to figure out what we have to do and see. Those who have been...suggestions???

Five. Hallmark
I have an addiction...Hallmark Christmas Movies. They are just such good feeling and happy movies. Cheesy...yes! Usually my kind of movies are. Robert and I are saving the "big" Christmas movies (Elf, Christmas Vacation, The Grinch...) for December. So I have been filling my movie watching time with plenty of Hallmark (while Rob is at practice, they are not necessarily his favorite:)).

Be sure to go check out the blogs I will be glad you did!
Happy Friday!!


  1. Visiting from the link-up! I'm so jealous you get to go to Paris! I was there a few years ago and the Eiffel Tower is breathtaking! :) Happy Friday!

    1. Hi Tara! Thanks for stopping by! Love your blog...your little girl is precious! We are so excited to go to Paris and I especially can't wait to see the Eiffel Tower! Do you have any tips??

  2. I am terrified of making my own turkey, thankfully I have many years before I have to worry about it. I am sure yours will turn out great, it can't be that hard, especially if you have PW on your side lol. I'm also a sucker for Hallmark, Lifetime, you name it.

  3. well aren't you the cutest thing ever!! hey doll!!! just started following thanks to the linkup...looking forward to reading along about your overseas adventures!!! totally not the same bc we live in the states, but my hubs is from england. so he's a long way from home too :)

    happy weekend!!!! xx

    1. Hi Elise! So glad you found me, love this link up! That is so neat about your husband, so he can totally relate (and you)! Headed over to your blog and I just love it! So much fun. I will be heading over there daily:) hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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  5. What a wonderful adventure you all are on! Excited to follow along! ANDDDDD my turkey won't look like that, for sure!

  6. Just dropping in from the Five on Friday link up! We can all wish for a beautiful turkey like that! ha! Pioneer Woman has super powers or something!! Looking forward to getting to know you & your blog! Happy Weekend!

    Jen @ Frankly My Dear...

  7. The Holidays in Paris!?! I am totally jealous!


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