Monday, October 7, 2013

Our Weekend

Our weekend was wonderful.

The best part about it? It was full of relaxation!

Check out this babe! I have not even talked about the reason why we are in Germany!
Our Saturday night consisted of some hard fought basketball. Rob's team is Rent4Office Nurnberg. They are off to a great start... 2 wins and 1 loss. Rob is playing very well, I could not be more proud of him. He is such a hard worker, gives this job all he has and is very dedicated. Not to mention he loves his job, which of course is a blessing.  The other players, player's wives/ girlfriends, coaches and ladies/men in the office have all been so wonderful to both of us. They have all made us feel so welcome and are so kind and helpful. We are so grateful and thank God every day. The team  had a game Saturday night at home and will be on the road this Saturday, October 12th.
If you would like to keep track of Rob and the team here are a few links!
The team website is It is German but google translate works great! For the direct link to their here.
You can also follow the team on facebook, they are great at giving updates! Follow Nurnberger Basketball Club here.
Lastly you can follow this link for updates and news on the whole league!

Date night...we take turns planning and this week was my turn! We ate sushi at Sushi Glas,  a place Robert has really been wanting to try and it was delicious!! Ate gelato..Apple, lemon and strawberry...yum! Then came home to watch Lord of the Rings, one of Rob's favorites and one I have been promising to watch:)

Facetiming with this girl (little sister) is always so fun!

Love the little things.

Our comfortable spot for most of the weekend...couch, big blankets and modern family!

We also listened to a wonderful podcast by Hillside Church. You can easily download their app on your phone, if interested! We started a series they have, titled "Happily Ever After". We listened to the first one "Her View of to Have and Hold". We would both highly recommend this sermon. We found it very enlightening, biblical and inspiring. It looks like the whole series will be great to really dig into marriage and the way God intends it to be. Which is always great to be reminded of and hear more of!

This weekend was so nice just to relax, take long naps and enjoy downtime together.

Hope your Monday is off to great start!

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  1. Thanks for the links to Rob"s Basketball Team! Looks like y'all are having a great time and experiencing it all!


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