Friday, October 4, 2013


Last week we hopped on a train and headed to Munich to see what this Oktoberfest is all about.
The word that describes it best...interesting.
Don't get me wrong it was fun! But a once in a lifetime thing for sure.

It was "decorated" like crazy! Many buildings, stands and tents were done with this much detail. Very Impressive.

There were lots of companies riding around the fest with barrels of beer and of course gigantic horses leading the way.

My handsome husband inside one of the tents!

Crowds like this everywhere. Over six million people come to Oktoberfest in Munich each year. It was very neat to see!

Now let's talk about these "tents". There were multiple tent for different companies all over the festival and they were all packed. I mean couldn't find an open seat, hard to walk around packed. They were decorated, bands were playing music and people were dancing and singing along. It was fun, crazy and very entertaining to watch when we finally found a seat in a tent!


Lebkuchen. These cute hearts are at every fest you go to...German gingerbread!

All in all, a fun day!

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  1. Oktoberfest seems to be best enjoyed by showing up early and having a small group of friends! I would love to experience it one day.


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