Friday, October 11, 2013

Fall Favorites

Hello Weekend!

On our agenda this weekend...
+basketball game!
+grocery shopping
+sleeping in
+wine and pizza date night
+watching some modern family 
+reading Harry Potter (I was the one who never thought I would like the series, now I love it...just started the seventh book!)
+a little baking

So not only are we glad it is the weekend over here but we are also very excited for Fall!

I think every season is my favorite and right now I am so glad it is fall, so much fun in a season. Here are some of my Fall Favorites that I have to share!
:1: Doesn't this blanket look so comfy?! A blanket is essential for me whenever I am relaxing around the house (even in the summer) and now with the cooler weather, it is perfect and cozy! I have a very similar one to this that a friend gave me and it is fabulous...big and soft!
:2: Chai tea. I do not like coffee (crazy I know, I know) so this is the perfect warm drink for me. Delicious and not to mention smells heavenly. I really enjoyed Starbucks chai on all our wifi trips. I also want to try making some of my own...maybe this recipe??
:3: I am a big fan of riding boots. I wear them every most days during the fall/winter. They keep my feet warm and add style to tons of outfits! These above are super cute, I have some similar and find this brand hold up much better than the cheaper brands I have bought before! This pair looks great as well.
:4: Taco Soup! One of my favorite fall recipes. This recipe from the picture above is from a blog full of wonderful recipes and this one looks delicious. My mom also makes an AMAZING taco soup. I will post that recipe soon!
:5: Scarves are a huge hit for most during the fall. They add flare to any outfit! I have a leopard scarf that I got back in Lubbock at Hodgepodge and just love it! The one pictured is very similar!
:6: So I am ghostly pale. That summer glow is for sure gone. But this bronzer is great and helps add a little color! Not the wow your face is a different color than your neck color but a radiant, just enough glow for fall color.
:7: I am a big fan of red nail polish. And now that there is warmer weather I wanted to find a darker red and this OPI one looks perfect!
:8: What is the ideal dessert for fall? Pumpkin! My personal favorite is Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins, this recipe looks amazing. Sadly I have not found pumpkin to bake with here so for now I will have to stare at the picture and let my mouth water.
:9: Lastly, a favorite of mine as long as I can remember...Pillsbury Halloween Cookies! You can find these babies at your local grocery store, I promise they will not disappoint.
Other favorites? The crisp, cool air, pumpkin carving, leaves much fun! What are some of your fall favorites?

Enjoy your weekend!!


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  1. Welcome to the Harry Potter happily addicted fan club :] Your lovely fall list is just making me want Lubbock to freeze over finally, so we can fully embrace autumn. Love catching up on your life abroad!
    Shalom, D'Ann


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