Friday, January 16, 2015

My Routine, Good Reads and GREAT News.

Happy Friday! I did not mean to take a break from this little space but I did and now I have so many fun things I need to share! Our girl's London/Paris Trip, some fun ideas and some New Year "goals". So stay week I will be back in action!

For today, let's play a little catch up...

O N E | A Routine
This week, Rob and I have been slightly lazy. Well, more so me. Rob practices twice a day so I don't think that counts as lazy. I on the other hand, have been relaxing quite a bit. My routine for the day...wake up, go workout (so that's something!), come home, eat breakfast/lunch, catch up on shows, nap, cook dinner, read and do devotional and then maybe a movie or more shows. Ridiculous, right? As I have mentioned before, this is a very rare time in life. Here in Poland, I have no job and really no responsibilities right now...which sometimes I feel guilty for but then I remind myself to soak this in. I know, this rare time will quickly be gone. And I get to spend loads of time with this guy...which is just the best.

{from our trip to Warsaw}

T W O | Productivity
There are a few things I do every day (well most) to be somewhat productive...workout, read and do my devotional. These things are very important to me. So during this season of life when I have an abundant amount of time, I am trying to form good habits and do these things daily. That way, I am building a good foundation and will be able to continue to do them when life gets busier and crazier. Which brings me to a couple of books I am currently reading. First, The Gifts of Imperfection...

It came highly recommended by a friend and I see why. It is very good and honestly life changing. I will fill you all in more when I am finished. The second book, is my devotional that I just started this week. I am in the very beginning stages but I am already hooked. It is called Devotions for a Healthier You and is by Katie at Dashing Dish. I am huge fan of her and her blog, so when her devotional came out I knew I had to try it.

T H R E E | Inspiration
A favorite blogger of mine, Mint Arrow, posted this on her instagram the other day and I found it to be so true and so inspirational...

F O U R | Movies to See
This week, the Academy Award Nominations were announced. Last year, Rob and I saw every (but one) Best Picture nomination before the awards. And this year? We have seen none, zero, zilch. But we are hoping to change that and watch a few this weekend. Which nominations have you seen? Any recommendations?

F I V E | The Great News
Now the best for GREAT NEWS! Drum roll please...we finished paying off my student loans!!!! We submitted our final payment yesterday and it feels SO GOOD. I graduated 1 year and 8 months ago (seems like so much longer) and our plan all along was to pay them off as quickly as possible while still  making sure we saved money to travel as well. It feels so great to have stuck to our plan and accomplished both. I know this is not the most "fun" news in the world...but for us, we are ecstatic and fully plan to celebrate this weekend!

I am so grateful you stopped by, today. I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I will "see" you  next week!



  1. Congratulations on paying off all of your loans!! That must feel amazing! I still have a long road ahead of me haha. Looking forward to hearing the recap of your Paris trip!

  2. Congratulations on paying off your loans, that is such a wonderful feeling! I am hoping to watch some of the Best Picture nominees this weekend as well, so many I haven't seen yet.

  3. Congratulations on paying off the student loans!! That's HUGE!!!!
    I love that quote and I think it fits perfectly with what you said about just soaking everything in and enjoying not having a ton of responsibilities, since that will likely never happen again (at least for a long while), so live it up while you're able to!! :)
    Have a great weekend girl! P.S. we have almost the identical winter coat--I love mine!!

  4. Congratulations lady!!! That is amazing! Getting rid of those student loans is one of our goals for this year or next, too so I understand how excited you are! We want to see all of the Oscar movies before the show so this weekend we're starting with American Sniper :)

  5. WOOHOOO, congrats on paying off those loans, that's amazing, lady!!!!!

    Those books look great and I think it's awesome you are enjoying this quiet period of life and using it to better yourself. I am 100% interested to hear all your thoughts on both as I am looking for new books to better myself, too.

    Happy weekend, lovely lady!

  6. YAY!! My husband and I are currently working on paying off my student loans in 3 years and 7 months so we're stoked to be on that track. Congrats to you though!!

  7. Congratulations on the loans! Several bloggers I know have recently paid off student loans and it has been such an inspiration for me to get moving more on mine! Happy Friday :)

  8. I'm glad to see that you like the "Devotions for a Healthier You" because I've been following Dashing Dish and was wondering if I should take the plunge and buy the book! Looks like I'll have to :)


  9. Congrats on the student loans! hooray. Definitely soak in this time to enjoy yourself while you are in Poland with little responsibilities! Enjoy cooking and focusing on you and your hubby! As hard as it is sometimes, you will look back and appreciate it later. It's so amazing all the travel you get to fit in and one of a kind experiences. Once babies come in the changes a lot!! For the better, of course, but it's just different !!!

  10. CONGRATS on paying off your student loans!! What a great feeling!! :)

  11. Congrats on paying off your student loans...that is huge!! I'm definitely checking out your suggested reads. Have a great weekend!

  12. Love the quote. So true! Congrats on paying off your student loans! I feel like mine will be paid off on the 5th of never at this point ha

  13. that's awesome about paying off student loans, bailley! also, we just saw American Sniper and loved it, I'm not sure if that'll be playing over there though ;) You may have to internet watch it!

  14. Paying off student loans is definitely a reason to celebrate!! I know I would be but even if I put my whole paycheck on them it would still take about 5 years to pay them off :(

  15. WOW, that is awesome that you paid off your loans! I know exactly how huge that is because we are still working on it and I know it's going to feel AMAZING to be done with them! Congrats!

  16. Thats awesome to pay off your student loans!! Wanna pay mine off? haha :) Also, I LOVE that quote! Hope you and Rob have a wonderful weekend! :)

  17. Your routine is like mine when I first got married? Enjoy every minute!

  18. Congrats on paying off your student loans!!

  19. Congrats on paying off your student loans! That's incredible!

  20. Enjoy your free time now. Cherish it! You never know what the future holds. Congrations on paying off your loans!! I bet it's an awesome feeling. I'll be done with mine in June and I CANNOT WAIT.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

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