Monday, January 5, 2015

Meet...Mr. Lew Party of Two

I have seen some other blog friends (thanks Katie for the idea!) do a little husband interview. They are always so fun and very entertaining to read. When I mentioned this idea to Rob, aka Mr. Lew Party Two, he was all on board! We had a lot of fun doing this and had some really great laughs.

So friends, meet Roberto, my better half...

The clean-shaven side and the grizzly...

Me: Help these readers get to know you. How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
R: Tall, Large, Big.
Me: Great words??
R: Laughs.

B: What is the name of my blog? And do you read it?
R: Lew Party of Two and heck ya I read it.

Me: What do I usually write about?
R: Things that you want.
Me: ha ha.
R: No seriously, you write about our travels together and our adventures. Jesus and how thankful you are, and most of all you write about family...

Me: Now let's have a little fun...what are jeggings?
R: uhhhhh...jean leggings. Leggings that look like jeans! That was easy.
Me: Very impressive.
R: We've talked about jeggings before. We should both wear them. How awesome would that be for any gender? Jeans that fit comfortable like sweatpants. I'm just saying you have got to extend your market.
Me: Oh my word.

Me: What is a TV show you love? One that your embarrassed to admit?
R: That I am embarrassed to admit? One Tree Hill? Can you think of one?
Me: Many.
R: Oh man...Vanderpump Rules.

Me: Who is your favorite housewife?
R: Mmmm...Lisa! Only cause she is on Vanderpump Rules. I couldn't name another one. Who is the lady that Lisa doesn't like? Chloe maybe?
Me: Ha ha no. There is a lot. Brandy?
R: Yeah!
Me: Do you like her?
R: If Lisa doesn't like her than I don't like her...
Me: Who is Kendra Scott?
R: She's jewelry people!

Me:What are spanx?
R: They are the things that uhhhh...I wore with my Halloween costume.
Me: What??
R: The one when I dressed up as a cheerleader...
Me: Those were bloomers...laughs and more laughs. Any other guesses?
R: Are they things you wear underneath your skirt??
Me: There ya go.

Me:What is the best place for women to shop?
R: Anywhere. It just depends on the woman.

Me: Where is my favorite place to shop?
R: Oh dang...Gap? Dillards? Places like that.

Me: Pretty good. What do I usually buy there?
R: It depends on the season. For travel and summer...long summer dresses. The winter...coats and sweaters. You like a good sweater. You always look at shoes too.

Me: Let's switch gears a little. What is your idea of the perfect date night?
R: I loovee going to see movies. Well, start off with appetizers somewhere (cause we both love appetizers), then dinner at a different place (I would want to hop around from place to place, cause that just sounds like fun), then to a movie and go to the concession stand as often as I want...
Me: So plenty of food?
R: Yep. 

Me: What do I do while you are at practice?
R: want me to tell people the truth.
Me: haha yes?
R: Well, usually you workout, do your devotional, clean a little bit. And you are always watching your shows...

Me:What's an acceptable amount to spend on a makeup item?
R: I would say none, $0.
Me: You crazy. 
R: In reality...$5-$15.
Me: You crazy.
R: I have no idea what the going rate of mascara is right now!

Me:Anything else you would like to share?
R: ummm, how immensely proud of you I am for doing your blog and how beautiful your voice is on it.
Me: Aw, your so sweet.
R: I know.

And there ya have it, folks! Mr. Lew Party of Two! He keeps me laughing every day...

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  1. Oh my goodness! This was too funny... The spanx question had me rolling! What a fun, cute idea! :)

  2. So cute!! I love these hubby interviews!! I keep meaning to do one too. They are always humorous And Mr Lew is super sweet too! Loved this :)

  3. Awe so sweet, what a supportive hubby:)

  4. Oh my gosh - love that you did this! My husband last week was like "can I be on your blog?" - this would be the perfect way without giving him too much responsibility. Loved your husbands answers - he sounds hilarious! Can't wait to follow your blog more through the New Year!

  5. Hahaha too cute! He sounds like a sweet guy! I may have to steal this, love this idea!

  6. This is super cute and I love your hubby's sense of humor. I also love that he watches Vanderpump Rules, and has fierce loyalty to Lisa (hilarious!)
    Great post girl :)

  7. "You like a good sweater." Hahaha I love this!! So happy you did it! And my husband watches VP Rules with me, too - although I think he'd kill me if I told anyone that :)

  8. This is super cute!!!! Thanks for sharing your husband with us :)!

  9. "She's a jewelry people!" HAHAHAHA! This is so cute! I did a post like this with my husband and it was really fun. Sounds like you have yourself a wonderful fella... =)

  10. He sounds so sweet! I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for linking up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  11. I love this post idea!! I want to do it too one day! and I love all of your questions!! How sweet is your husband!

  12. I just love these! I'm pretty impressed with his answers but we've got to see a picture of him as a cheerleader!

  13. LOL, he's adorable and I love this... SO MUCH. I can't imagine my Hubs EVER doing this and taking me seriously.

  14. Love, love, love this idea! I think this would be a super fun idea for one of my date nights this year with the main squeeze! Thanks for sharing!

  15. This is so fun! I love it! Maybe I'll have to see if I can convince Tristan to do this :)

  16. Oh Lew. His personality 100% shows through in this. Haha

  17. So fun! I'm going to have to try that one my man.

  18. Hahaha, soemtimes guys are clueless, and sometimes they know a lot more than we think. I love reading these Q&A's from the men behind the blogs.

  19. I'm just stumbling around your blog trying to get to know you and I see that Mr. Lew has a Texas Tech sweatshirt on!!! Forgive me if this is apparent (as I haven't fully explored your blog yet) but are either one of you a Tech grad? I am! Wreck 'em! :)


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