Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Favorite Purchases of 2014

I know January is almost over BUT I have to share these purchases with you guys! These are my favorite purchases from this past year and I think any of these would make great gifts or the perfect little pick me up for yourself. We all need to treat ourselves every once in a while right?!

CLARASONIC / I cannot say enough good things about this gem. I had been on the fence for the past year...should I purchase?? Well I finally bit the bullet and it has definitely changed my skin for the better. Less breakouts, smaller pores, cleaner skin...and that is just with a month use! I love this baby! For reference, I have the Mia 2.

WOODWICK CANDLES / I brought this all the way to Poland from the states...it is that good. My favorite scent is Fireside and as soon as you light it up, it sounds like you are snuggled up by the cozy fire. The wick burns while making a crackling noise and putting off the best smell.

PLAID SCARF / I have worn this scarf almost everyday this winter. Thanks to the colors, it stands out with my black winter jacket and it goes with so much of wardrobe. Not to mention it keeps the chill away, I stay so very warm when wearing this. There are many different sellers out there, but I got mine from good ole' Target.

EYE-FI MEMORY CARD / This memory card for your camera is genius. I got it right as the year was coming to an end and it might just be my favorite purchase.Take pictures on your camera and then through wifi it is downloaded right to your phone. So then you are able to share higher quality pictures through social media, instead of phone pics. I can't wait to put this more to use...especially on our next trip!

ALEX AND ANI BANGLES / I actually got a few of these bracelets as gifts from my mother-in-law and man she hit the jackpot! I wear these almost every day...well on the days I actually get ready ;) They come in gold and silver and with many different charm options. They are the perfect accessory.

What are some of you favorite purchases from last year? I would love to hear!

{Thank Katie and Hello Happiness for this post idea!}


  1. I love love love those candles! And I don't have a Clarasonic yet but it's on my list!


  2. I have wanted a Clarisonic for a while now, I think I might have to ask for it for my birthday! That WiFi card sounds awesome!!

  3. The Clarisonic and the Eye-fi have been on my list for awhile now. I was wondering if the wireless card was worth it so I'm happy to hear you've been enjoying it!

  4. The Clarisonic was probably my favorite new thing from 2014 too!

  5. I adore my Clarisonic, too! Sure it's an investment but it's so much better than the cheaper versions, so much better. Better to invest in something that works, right?

    I purchased a blanket scarf at the end of 2014 and it became a quick favorite, too. I love how big it is when I travel on planes and it dresses up any dark colored coat.

    Great post, lady!

  6. I've been so curious about the eye-fi cards.. I need to get one for myself! And the clarisonic - yes yes yes! Best purchase EVER!

  7. Love my blanket scarf too and Alex and ani bracelets! They're the perfect accessories! I've heard a lot of great things about the eye fi card so I may have to look into this as I use my SLR more!

  8. Woodwick candles were my favorite find last year - seriously love them!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

    1. Hey, Happy New Year! I hope all is well in your corner of the world? This is an awesome list of fun things.

      I love the Fireside candle and I got it after another blogger posted about it! Hands down fave! I wear my Alex and Ani bangle sparingly since I am a big fragrance fan and don't want to tarnish it. Eye-fi sounds genius. I am an imperfect( hee hee) pinner, but will follow your boards.


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