Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Weekend

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

This weekend was a good one with some of our loved ones. We had 7, yes 7!, people visiting! They are on a little German adventure to see lots of family and we were their first stop! They were here Friday-Monday and it was a busy and fun-filled weekend. They stayed in a little town outside of Nuremberg, called Erlangen, and we ate out there quite a few times at some new restaurants for Rob and I...delicious. I was introduced to potato pancakes. Oh my. Cannot even explain how yummy they were. We showed them all around Nuremberg, enjoyed some basketball and enjoyed some gorgeous weather. Saturday it was in the high 50's and Sunday it was in the 60's! It was beautiful. People were out everywhere. Tons on blankets in parks enjoying picnics, flying kites, running and kicking soccer balls. Then on Sunday we walked all around downtown and tons of others were doing the same thing. Lots just sitting outside cafes drinking coffee with the sun beating down and lots walking around with delicious gelato in hand. I forgot how much I love this weather!! I sure hope it is here to stay. I got a few pictures while everyone was here with the phone...

 ^^^delicious Greek food^^^

We are so glad that this bunch was able to stop by, we will miss you guys! Now for a nice (and sunny!!) week.


  1. Looove potato pancakes! I can only imagine how delicious they must be in Germany! Yay for a good weekend with visitors :)

  2. You guys get so many visitors!! That's awesome! Hope the good weather is here to stay :)

  3. Looks like a great weekend! That food looks amazing!! And that guy floating?!!? Whoa!

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