Monday, March 24, 2014

I am Back!

I took a little break from blogging to enjoy time with my mama the past week and a half! And it was wonderful. I will do a full post on her time here soon. Basically, we traveled, talked, ate, went on bike rides, saw a musical and enjoyed every nook and cranny of Nuremberg! I SO enjoyed time with my sweet mama.

A little side note: She was set to land in Lubbock (home) Sunday night at 8:15, which would have been after 20 hours of traveling. She made it to Houston and was ready for her final flight and then it was delayed. And delayed and delayed. Something about not having a crew for the flight??? So then after 7 hours of waiting they finally said no flight and put them up in a hotel. But did not have a flight to Lubbock for three days! So she finally got a flight for 7 the next morning (slept about 2 hours) to Dallas, where she then could connect to Amarillo- about an hour and half away from Lubbock where my sweet step dad would pick her up. And THEN she gets to Dallas and they do not have her reservation so she then has to wait for the next flight which is then delayed as well. Can you believe all that?? About 30 minutes ago she finally landed in Amarillo and will be home to Lubbock soon. I was shocked with all the trouble she had do go through- she is a tough cookie.  I have never had this much trouble with flying but definitely heard stories like this. Has this ever happened to any of you??

So now, this week will be a slow one, which Rob and I are excited about. We are using this week to really start the process again of being productive and getting lots of things accomplished. With so many visitors we kinda got out of the groove, which we will take any day! But it will be nice this week to really get back into a routine- cooking more, eating healthier (still working on those March goals- a full recap will come at the end of the month!), working out regularly, reading more-just getting back into a "normal" day to day.

 A few pictures from our past week, some I also posted on instagram...

I hope you all are having a wonderful Monday. Here's to a great and productive week!



  1. Hold the phone! Your mom could be your sister!! Such cute photos! That river surfing is pretty awesome, I think I could get stuck watching it all day

  2. You are your mom look so much alike. Both beautiful ladies! Goodness, I can't believe she had to go through all that. What a mess!

  3. You and your mama look like sisters!!! You've got good genes, girl!

  4. Bailey,
    That's so sweet that your mom came to visit you! I honestly can't believe that's your mom..she could pass as a sister!! And can you please do a post on your everyday makeup routine?! GORGEOUS girlfriend!

    I hope you had an amazing time with your Momma...I'm sure you did!

  5. Okay your mom is gorgeous! SO happy you guys had a great visit - can't wait to hear more about it!

  6. I've missed you!! But am so glad you enjoyed your mama so much. You ladies are just gorgeous!! That's insane about her flights!! So happy she'll bed resting in her own bed soon. Can't wait to hear all about your time together.

  7. What a fun time together for you and your mom! Her travel woes sound downright awful - what a trooper! I have never (knock-on-wood) had major difficulties like that while traveling, but I kind of feel like at some point in everyone's life it happens, so I'm sure mine is coming?!

  8. I agree about the makeup routine! Would love to see a post on yours. :)


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