Thursday, March 13, 2014

Laurie and Layne in Germany

I am a little behind on blogging... I am finally sharing a little visit we had about three weeks ago!

Our wonderful friends, Laurie and Layne visited and I just have to document some of there time here! They were here for a full week and we just had a FUN time. We walked all around Nuremberg, shopped downtown, played cards almost every night, went to the movies and just enjoyed each others company. It was so nice to spend a full week with these two and just catch up on life. We are all looking forward to many more trips in the future together! So many good times to be had :)

 ^^^Robert the tour guide. He literally has the rally ground tour down. It is pretty impressive. ^^^

Laurie and Layne, we miss you!! So glad you guys came to see us, so glad! We are super grateful for you two and your friendship.

One day we took a little trip to a town called Bamberg. And it was the cutest! I will be sharing our little day trip to there very soon!



  1. Pretty pictures! We always joke that we have the tour guide gig down too since people have been visiting us in Chicago almost nonstop since we moved here! So thankful for that :)

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