Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A look back at 2013

Happy New Year! 

I just cannot believe it is already a new year...2014??!! It is so crazy and exciting at the same time. 

2013 was such an amazing year and was packed full of life changing moments. So I thought to start this new year I would do a little look back at 2013... and it is pretty long so sit back and relax:)


In the beginning of January I was returning back to the states after a trip to see my finace! Robert was at the time in the Czech Republic playing basketball. And after four months of being apart I got to go visit...it was the best! 

This month I also had the opportunity to lead a group during D-NOW (Disciple Now) in Lubbock! It was such a neat experience. I loved Disciple Now as a high schooler and it was so fun to now be on the other side. It was such a sweet weekend with these girls full of love, laughing and Jesus. 

The rest of January was full of classes and clinicals....the beginning of my last semester of nursing school! 


February was a pretty quiet month. Robert and I celebrated Valentines from afar (he sent kinley, my mom and I beautiful roses), spent lots of time with family, facetimed tons (this is Rob's face when he saw our super bowl spread:)) and of course TONS of studying for school, clinicals and tests. 


March was such a fun month! At the beginning of March my mom, sister and I traveled to Kansas for my first bridal shower! It was such a fun weekend. Robert's family friends are amazing and gave such a sweet and amazing shower. They are the best. We had soo much fun. The rest of our trip was full of quality time with Rob's amazing mom and dad. It was too fun!

Then at the end of March I got to celebrate in Lubbock! We had a wonderful bridal shower. So blessed by the amazing hostesses, guests and all the fun. Thank you all for making us feel so loved. March was a busy and super great month!!


 April was spent with lots of family and....

 celebrating the cutest little brother's birthday as well as the madre!


In May I graduated from nursing school!!! AND Robert got home that same week!! After 10 months of being thousands of miles apart we were together again. On top of that finally finishing nursing school after two very intense and hard years it was one of the best. weeks. ever. My incredible brother also graduated from high school (and is now a red raider!). Then the most wonderful friends gave me the best bachelorette party in San Antonio! We had such a blast. 


Oh June...you were so great. This was the month I married my best friend!!! So hard to put into words what an incredible day that was. I feel so blessed and thankful that I get to spend life with this man. Thank you, Jesus. And after our wedding we headed to the Bahamas! Pure bliss. June, well June, was WONDERFUL.


This month we went to Breckenridge with Rob's family (my new family!!) and enjoyed being together in the mountains! THEN my mom and Steven got married! It was such a special and sweet, sweet day. They are the most precious and loving couple. What a fun day! This month I also passed my NCLEX (boards to be a nurse)...cannot explain the excitement and relief!! Robert continued to workout to prepare for the season while I worked as an RN on the Palliative floor at the hospital.


In August we had my little brother and sister over for a sleepover at our apartment! Robert found out where he was playing (Germany!) and headed out to our new home! I died my hair brown, had a date night with my mama and continued to work at the hospital! And we celebrated brother's birthday, Kinley's and Robertos!


In September I finished up work and then had to say my goodbyes to my family and friends. A very hard moment. But Rob and I knew Germany is where God wanted us. So after a sad goodbye, I was then reunited with my husband and lots of joy! This month we settled into life in Germany, Rob started the season, I started my blog and celebrated my 23rd birthday!


October was a calm month. We went to Oktoberfest, enjoyed the gorgeous fall weather and Rob played lots of basketball!


In November we visited beautiful Nueschwanstein castle, celebrated Thanksgiving with new friends and enjoyed a relaxing basketball filled month!


December was quite the month! A very fun month. Abby visited, we celebrated Christmas, Rob and I went to Paris and Holli and Ellie came (they are actually still here)! Ellie, Holli and I went on a great adventure so get ready for a full recap on that and Paris very soon! December was so wonderful...loved having friends here! AND Rob and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary...it sure has been the best 6 months. Love you with all my heart Robert Eugene.

Whew! And we are done! If you made it through this whole post you deserve the biggest hug and a huge thanks! 2013 was quite the year...an amazing year full of pure joy, tons of changes and God's love and grace. And we could not be more grateful. I am so excited for this year and what all it has to bring! Happy New Year friends!


  1. You had a huge year! Congrats on getting married - I love your dress, it is so similar to mine! :) Happy 2014!

  2. You have such a sweet soul, girl! I love it. You and your hubby are an absolutely beautiful couple & I loved all the pictures you shared! I pray 2014 is nothing but sweet and full for you both. :)

  3. Lubbock?? whaaaat? I'm Amarillo-an and was THIS close to going to Tech :) it's such a small world that I found you (so far away) and at one point you were here (so close by) hahaha.


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