Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Hills are Alive

 photo ae363f6a-daa4-463f-849c-c15f74dccfe6_zps358f5f2e.jpg

The next part of our Girl's Adventure (see our Vienna stop here) was Salzburg, Austria! 

We just went for the afternoon/night to do something that I have been wanting to do ever since we moved here...The Sound of Music Tour!! I grew up watching Julie Andrews sing her heart out on those beautiful hills and when I found out lots of the movie was shot in Salzburg (not too far from Nuremberg)...I was so excited! And ellie and holli were just as excited so it worked out perfectly!

 photo 784b5368-a0d0-4fd3-9910-d874455afbe8_zps30da4347.jpg ^^^The lake where the kids and Maira fell out of the boat^^^

 photo 82b6a15d-0fb1-4001-a65e-6b56febc6a28_zpsa96304bf.jpg 
 ^^^The path Maria ran and sang down^^^  

Stopped at some breath-taking sites! We were so mesmerized by God's beautiful creation.

^^^yes that is a man...in the lake...a freezing lake. he deserves a round of applause^^^

 photo 7a01444a-c6a0-4a59-893d-54794fa27a39_zps04e17bc5.jpg
^^^The front of the Von Trapp house for filming. The real Von Trapp family actually lived in Salzburg as well, just not in this home.^^^ 

 photo 99326fc7-79fa-46d0-9848-f07775a0a774_zps1312a8d4.jpg^^^Isn't that amazing?? Goshh...so beautiful^^^

 photo edf430b5-98f0-409c-a1e6-9ba127466fb0_zps0d4b6452.jpg
^^^16 going on seventeen gazebo, too neat!^^^

There ya have it a short and sweet recap of a great afternoon! We had such a fun time on this tour and the little town of Salzburg is so cute! I would love to go back one day to stay the night and enjoy the quaint atmosphere. 

Ciao, Salzburg! Up next...Munich!


  1. How much fun would that be?! I think I would be just so giddy the whole time! What a neat trip!

  2. I love the image you captured of the water and mountains behind Salzburg!! So beautiful, I can't imagine waking up to that landscape every day!!

  3. I am LOVING these posts!! When I traveled through Europe, I visited Austria, Salzburg, {& Munich} too! This brings back so many memories :) So fun to see the fantastic time you ladies enjoyed in these places! Your stunning photos sure do capture the beauty of His creation!! I'll be singing "I am 16, going on 17..." for the rest of the night, no doubt! ;) lol! Thanks for sharing your adventures!! Looking forward to the next post !

  4. Love all of these photos! Especially the sixteen going on seventeen gazebo!


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