Thursday, January 16, 2014

Paris, Part Three

Alright here are the last of my Paris pictures! You can also checkout my Part One and Part Two posts for lots more about our trip.

For our last day in Paris we had all these grand plans. But because of my my lovely sickness we took it pretty easy that day. We had plans to go to Luxembourg Gardens and go inside the Louvre (which had like a 2 hour least!) but unfortunately those did not happen. I told Rob, that means we will just have to go back again someday! So I think it worked in my favor:)

We did get to take pictures outside of the Louvre though and seal our love on the Love Lock Bridge!

It was a simple but fun morning! We got to do a little shopping in a beautiful neighborhood (stay tuned for my Paris tips and tricks, including beautiful neighborhoods coming soon!), stroll along the river, and just enjoy Paris a little more!

Paris, thank you for a wonderful time and all the memories..the sad, gross and oh so happy ones!


  1. okay officially jealous! I've made my husband promise to take me to Europe pre-babies lol maybe you can show us around?


  2. Looks awesome! Putting a lock on that fence is on my bucket list!

  3. The Love Lock Bridge is one of the things that I want to do with my husband! That's awesome that you guys were able to do that as newlyweds!!

  4. Oh my word! Where did you find a lock?! We searched for 5 days on our honeymoon and we never found one to add to the bridge. We did find one that had the the day before our wedding day written on it, so we pretended it was ours. I'm so glad you enjoyed Paris!

  5. So sweet! That bridge is where my husband proposed! :)


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