Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Fun / Brunch, Gifts and Giveaways

Happy Friday, friends! Let's jump right in...

Christmas is next week! Can you believe it?? Roberto and I are excited to enjoy our first Christmas at home (not traveling) just the two of us. We have plans to decorate sugar cookies, open stockings, read the Christmas story, enjoy a delicious you have any other fun ideas or neat traditions for us to do Christmas Eve or Day?? We would love ideas!!

I think this will definitely be on our Brunch menu. I made this at one point earlier this year and it is ahhh-mazing.

Yesterday, I talked about wanting this eye-fi memory card for my camera. Well, we had some amazon $$$ saved up (thanks, dad!) so I went ahead and ordered that baby! I am pretty pumped. It allows you to transfer images from your camera straight to your phone. A social media dream, right?? I first saw it posted here...I'll let you know what I think! Also if you are still looking for a great gift for someone, this could be your answer!

This week I shared a super fun date Roberto and I had! It was aimed towards Christmas, was done in the comfort of our own home and was so fun and easy! We had a blast and I think you would too, check it out here. Included is this super fun Q& led to some great conversation.

When I make desserts, I usually half it since it is just Roberto and I. Trust me, if I made the full recipe it would get eaten...too much temptation! So making only half of the recipe means we won't much. This chart is exactly what I need to help me during the process...

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Thanks for stopping by friends! I hope your weekend is a good one...Christmas is almost here!



  1. You have a great 5 this week!! Im sure it'll be nice to have Christmas at home, just the two of you, with all kinds of fun activities planned. You all did so well on your date night I can imagine Christmas will be that much more amazing for you guys!
    Happy Friday, friend!! :)

  2. I want one of those of Eye-Fi memory cards so much!!! You have to keep me posted on how you like it!

  3. Christmas at home sounds lovely! Y'all will have a great time! I LOVE that chart for cutting recipes in half, so helpful!

  4. My camera has the same wi-fi sharing feature built in and it's pretty cool.. I forget to use it sometimes, but it definitely makes Instagram a little more fun... =)

  5. I have never heard of the eye-fi.. I am going to have to check into that..Seems pretty amazing :)
    Chelsea @

  6. Thank you for sharing that chart, I could use that for sure :)

  7. I'm lovin' EVERYTHING here- all the way down to the giveaway! Hope yall have an absolutely fabulous weekend! xo

  8. That looks so good! You'll have to share the recipe!

  9. Your Christmas plans sound blissful! Hope y'all enjoy the day at home :)

  10. Ooh I'm saving that measurement chart! Good idea on halving the recipes - we always make the full one and always eat way too much of it! Your Christmas plans sound amazing, it will definitely be a special one for the two of you!


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