Monday, December 8, 2014

A Weekend Trip / Krakow, Poland

Weekend trips are probably one of my favorite things. Sure it makes for quite a bit of travel time in only two days...but the ability to enjoy a new place and get away for a bit is so worth it!

This weekend Robert and I made the 4 hour journey to Krakow, Poland. We were so excited to travel during Christmas time to such a festive place. As soon as we arrived, we knew it was one incredible city. It was beautiful and bustling with Christmas cheer around every corner!

We arrived around lunchtime on Saturday and spent the day walking around the markets and freezing our tushes off. But there was so much to see and do, we didn't mind one bit!

This was one of those days, that I think I will always remember. I have talked about this before, but there are certain days where each moment is so sweet, that you can't help but to be completely filled with gratefulness. Moments that you think to yourself...I will remember this forever.

There were so many sweet times like this on Saturday. An afternoon spent in a beautiful church filled with the majestic sound of a foreign choir, a dinner filled with the sweetest conversation over spaghetti and wine and the laugh so hard your stomach hurts laughs while ice skating under the moonlight....these are times with my husband that I pray I never forget.

 Let me tell you, this hunk has got MOVES!

Sunday morning we left bright and early to make our way to a highly anticipated tour. This day, we visited Auschwitz Concentration camp. We made our way about an hour out of town and then, for next three hours, we toured, walked and were filled with an abundant amount of information. It was an intense, humbling heart breaking and an incredibly educational experience.

After out tour we were able explore back in Krakow and enjoy a light-hearted evening before we headed home.

 cinnamon-sugar warm and gooey glad we were reunited.

Krakow, you are so beautiful and so festive. Thank you for the sweetest time!

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  1. Wow it looks SO beautiful there! Sounds like you had such a great visit and I'm totally jealous of that food!

  2. Everything about this trip looks amazing, Bailley! Thanks so much for sharing! And I agree with Caitlyn--totally jealous of the food!

  3. The city looks so beautiful and filled with Christmas cheer! I know exactly what you mean about moments like that, glad you had such a wonderful time!

  4. Looks like an amazing weekend, lady! I hope one day to visit Poland!

  5. It sounds like an amazing weekend. I love those types of moments, traveling with my boyfriend has been full of those and they are the best memories.

  6. WOW, gorgeous, looks like something in a movie! That looks like a perfect trip!

  7. I absolutely love seeing all of your travel adventures! Krakow looks absolutely beautiful. and that cinnamon warm goodness...yes please.!

  8. You're going to be so glad to that you've documented this later in life. I don't remeber anything Brad and I did before kids. I should've been blogging year years ago...

    What a great weekend and I love the railroad photo!

  9. Looks like you guys had an awesome trip! All those lights and horse drawn carriages are looking so festive. Visiting Auschwitz had to be an incredible experience. I can only imagine how memorable that must have been.

  10. Wow what a gorgeous town. I'm not sure I could visit a concentration camp. So intense. So sad.

    Thanks for sharing your trip with MMG :)

  11. My Grandparents are from Poland and it is seriously some place I really want to visit. Thank you so much for that amazing recap!!!

  12. This is amazing!! I loved all the winter markets while we were in Europe last year. I'd love to spend a christmas in Germany. But Poland, looks awesome! Thanks for showing all that's great about it!

  13. They have the tredlinik similar things here too and I could eat them all day every day just like in Prague lol


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