Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Visitors in Poland

Last week, we had some pretty great visitors...Roberto's parents! They traveled all around Poland and then came to stay with us in Lublin for the week. They were able to see Rob play two games (and he kicked booty), we were able to take a fun day trip to Warsaw and we explored all around Lublin...even parts that Rob and I had yet to explore! We had such a wonderful time exploring, eating plenty of Polish food and enjoying quality time together. 

The Polish culture truly is beautiful. There is so much history and beauty all around and it was so great to share that with Mark and Julie. Not only that, but they were able to get a feel for what our life is like here. Robert and I talk about how our life here in Europe is so different than life back home in the states, and it is so hard to explain that to people. So when we get visitors, it is so nice to be able to share our daily life with them and let somebody besides ourselves really understand what it is like to be an expat in Poland...all the ups and downs.

 These two really enjoyed Poland and that makes me so happy. This place will always hold a special place in our hearts, it has been our home, where we have done life for the past 8 months, and I am so glad they got to experience such a wonderful place...a beautiful part of the world.

We truly treasured all the quality time we got with them and all the exploring we were able to do together. We had such a fun time adventuring around Lublin, showing them some of our favorites and then exploring new parts together. Not to mention, eating the best that Lublin had to offer. The combination from above? Makes for a pretty perfect visit in my book. 

And can we talk about the fact that spring, precious spring, is starting to show?? That almost makes me as happy as having visitors...almost.

We are so grateful for those two and all the fun and joy they bring! The time here in Poland with them is time we will never forget and always treasure. We already miss them but we will see them in less than a month when we head back to the states. Yes, back home, I can't believe it is already that time! We are so glad we had company and for all the adventuring we got to do together. Thank you Poland for showing us a wonderful time.


  1. It looks like it was the perfect visit--and so nice that you guys got to see some new stuff, too! Loved seeing all of the pictures! Being part Polish, I've always been curious about what Poland is like, so I love seeing your pictures of it :)

  2. So wonderful you were able to hang with his parents. Poland looks gorgeous!!! I've always wanted to travel there since it's a huge part of my heritage :)!

  3. Oh that is so wonderful that they got to visit! Poland looks SO beautiful, love your pictures!!

  4. That's so great your in-laws were able to come spend time with y'all and see your life over in Poland! Love all the pretty spring pictures :)

  5. beautiful photos- looks so fun! such pretty colors


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