Friday, September 27, 2013

Sunday Funday

Sunday we had a day date and really explored all around Nuremberg. It was so fun!

I continue to enjoy this city and become more and more grateful this is where God has placed us.

Every day we miss our friends and family and "home" but every day we are reminded of what a wonderful city we live in and of the amazing people God has placed in our lives here, both making our transition much easier.

So now some looks into our Sunday funday and the place that we currently call home!

Thanks to some friends here, we explored the city on bikes. And let me say that is the way to do it! You can get around a lot faster than walking but still soak in all the beauty around you.

We first rode to the area of the Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds. There were 12 spots you could go to and it made such an impact. It was a reminder of the devestation then and the many precious lives that were lost. By touring these areas we were able to see the amount of following Hitler and his party had and stand in the places where they gathered many times. The green field above is now used as a park for many events in Nuremberg. The picture below that is what the same view looked like many years ago during a rally.

A couple other stops. The Colosseum, inside and outside view, which was never finished. And the Zeppelinfeld.

As we rode around we were able to see so many beautiful sites (I know, I know I said it always rains here and i thought it did...i was wrong. Nothing but sunshine here this week!)

To end our day date we went to the Altstadt Fest downtown. There were so many tents to shop at, a stage of performances and lots and lots of food (Can you tell we really love like food?)

A Nuremberger! Our personal favorite. 

And the biggest pretzels (crazy right?!)

Downtown, you never disappoint.

 At the end of the day we picked up our car and it was a great drive home. I just loved it! That is my kind of couple right there.

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. is the nuremberger a pretzel with butter in the middle!? YUM.

    that cat.... hahahaha


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