Friday, September 20, 2013

Happenings in Nuremberg

Let's play a little catch up!
We moved into our new apartment last week, the one we will be in for the rest of our time here...wahoo! We have been without wifi for a week now, we were suppose to get it set up yesterday but somehow we did not here the doorbell. I was a little frustrated, just ask Rob:) But he helped me realize that it was not a big deal AT ALL. And he is so right. It has actually been very nice to be "unplugged". We are not perfect though, we have definitely made starbucks runs to be wifi bums. Me more so than Rob, I have to do something while he is at practice, right?! But it has been nice to just be with one another without looking at our phones every hour. Very nice. Hopefully this will help us once we do have wifi again to be more conservative with it. It is a great thing but boy it can become addicting. It is all about moderation. Which I am still learning.
So anyways enough of that rant, let's move onto some pictures! Here is what has been happening the past few weeks here in Nuremberg!
-The view from our previous apartment! It was beautiful. There are so many trees here!
- Robert and I before one of his pre-season games. The season starts next Friday!!
-My first few days here there was the Nuremberg Volksfest, it was a blast! We ate lots of food...fried mushrooms, ice cream, french fries...that is what fairs are for right??
- We also rode rides! Only two. They both were WAY fun. But they spun you all around, upside down and every other way you can think of. After each ride we thought we were going to blow chunks. Nice huh? So we decided to quit while we were ahead.

- We both love a good fair. Pretty lights, food, rides, rain always equals a good time.

-Now let's talk about this weather! Robert's winter wear in our apartment?? A big sweater and boots? Craziness I tell ya. I was getting a little tired of that Texas heat though...

This is Robert...tall Robert. He is trying to get out of the car. This happens ALOT. It gives me a good laugh every time:)

- On our date night! We ate at a restaurant called Vapianos and it was wonderful. Handmade pasta, fabulous pizza and they make it all in front of you. So good! I believe it is a chain in Europe, I say it is a must try if you are this way!

- After dinner we walked around downtown for a bit. We sat on some benches, ate ice cream and popcorn (yes more food), enjoyed the scenery and some wonderful music. It was great. I had a pretty wonderful date too so that made it even better;)

- Yes, that says 55. That is the normal around here right now, always in the 50's. Which honestly is great for me. Ask me how I feel in December when it is in the teens or below everyday...yikes.
 - Not only is it cool but it is always raining, I mean always. This picture is in downtown and rain is pouring. Two of my favorites right now.

- I got to decorate our apartment a little! I was fooled on the pillow situation. They charge you for the cover and the pillow inside?! whoops. But the apartment sure does look cute!
- The team was able to get me on the list so I can workout at a local gym here and I am SO grateful! Here is my view most days...makes working out much better!

Welp, that is it for now! Oh! I actually have been some recipes coming your way soon! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Send some of your rain our way!!! Looks like y'all are having a blast! Good luck on the upcoming basketball season and have fun! Love y'all!


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